Heavy cattle sell to £1,395 per head at Enniskillen Mart

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Large entry of almost 1,000 head on offer in all six sale rings this week at Enniskillen Mart with many new buyers present.

A tremendous trade reported from all rings.

In the bullock ring light weight bullocks sold from 220 to 275p for a Ch 352kg at £970.

Medium weights sold from 2010 to 273p for a Ch 406kg at £1,110.

Heavy lots sold from 200 to 240ppk for a AA 540kg at £1,295 and selling up to £1,395 per head.

BULLOCKS: Omagh producer Ch 352kg at £970, Florencecourt producer Ch 392kg at £1,075, Ch 396kg at £1,055, Ch 406kg at £1,110, Ch 408kg at £1,035, Ch 458kg at £1,135, Ch 466kg at £1,140, Boho producer Ch 392kg at £1,070, Ch 340kg at £870, Ch 388kg at £990, Tempo producer Ch 452kg at £1,065, Derrygonnelly producer Ch 406kg at £1,030, Lisbellaw producer Ch 418kg at £1,040.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £720 to £1,040 paid for a 405kg Ch while heifers ranged from £600 to £1,070 for a 425kg Ch.

Ruling prices: Florencecourt producer 425kg Ch heifer at £1,070, 405kg Ch steer at £1,040, 380kg CH steer at £970, 418kg Ch steer at £950, 42kg Ch heifer at £1,025, 345kg Lim steer at £885, 405kg Ch bull at £1,045, 301kg Ch bull at £890, 339kg Ch bull at £895, 334kg Ch bull at £930, Tempo producer 353kg Ch steer at £910, 340kg Ch steer at £915, 316kg Ch steer at £915, Garrison producer 275kg Ch steer at £870, 320kg Ch steer at £885, 317kg Ch steer at £890, Kesh producer 316kg Lim heifer at £715, 313kg Lim steer at £900, 210kg Ch heifer at £635, 162kg Ch bull at £585, Trillick producer 299kg Ch bull at £825, 386kg Ch bull at £900, 357kg Ch bull at £870, 296kg Ch bull at £875, 339kg Ch bull at £890, Enniskillen producer 98kg Ch bull at £875, 252kg Ch heifer at £665, 296kg Ch bull at £855, 243kg Ch heifer at £625, Kinawley producer 247kg Ch steer at £780, 263kg Ch steer at £850, 295kg Ch steer at £860, 302kg Ch steer at £900, Magheraveely producer 282kg CH heifer at £725, 357kg Ch bull at £870, 312kg Sim heifer at £755, Kesh producer 261kg Lim bull at £720, 284kg Lim bull at £760, 219kg Lim heifer at £510.

CALVES 2 MONTHS: Knockaraven producer Ch bull at £550, Clogher producer Ch bull at £550, Monea producer Lim heifer at £480, Lisnaskea producer BB bull at £485, Derrylin producer AA heifer at £400, Lim bull at £400.

CALVES: Boho producer Sh heifer at £360, Drumcose producer Ch heifer at £340, Letterbreen producer Ch bull at £345, Ch heifer at £305, Florencecourt producer BB bull at £370, BB heifer at £35, Omagh producer Ch bull at £320, Enniskillen producer Lim heifer at £300, Lim bull at £300, Lisnaskea producer Friesian bull at £80, Friesian bull at £75.

SUCKLER COWS: Tempo producer AA cow with bull at £1,550, Dromore producer Par cow with heifer at £1,520, Lim heifer with bull at £1,370, Derrylin producer Lim cow with bull at £1,500, Sim cow bull at £1,400, Trillick producer Sim cow with heifer at £1,450, Letterbreen producer AA cow with heifer at £1,200, Trilick producer Sim cow with heifer at £1,230, Belcoo producer springing Ch heifer at £1,370, springing Ch heifer at £1,350, springing Ch heifer at £1,300.

Heifers: Forward lots sold to 236ppk paid for a 490kg Ch at £1,160 and top price of £1,395.

Light weights sold from 190-247ppk paid for a 350kg Ch at £865.

Lisnaskea producer Ch 650kg at £1,395, Ch 500kg at £1,135, Rosslea producer Ch 580kg at £1,270, Ch 560kg at £1,210, Enniskillen producer Ch 490kg at £1,160, Ch 490kg at £1,090, Florencecourt producer Ch 530kg at £1,155, Ch 440kg at £1,020, Ch 480kg at £1,060, Derrylin producer Ch 420lg at £1,000, Ch 450kg at £1,025, Ch 380kg at £880, Magheraveely producer Ch 460kg at £1,030, Ch 400kg at £930.

Fat cows: 180 cows sold to 211ppk for a 568kg Ch at £1,200, Letterbreen producer, 812kg Ch at £1,295, Leggs producer, 774kg Lim at £1,255, Garrison producer, 402kg Ch at £825, Newtownbutler producer, 400kg Lim at £770, Irvinestown producer, 632kg Lim at £1,215, Lisnaskea producer, 792kg Sim at £1,250, Springfield producer, 760kg Lim at £1,235, Trillick producer, AA cow at £1,080.