Heavy heifers sell to a top price of £1,550 at Markethill Mart

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Cattle trade remained very strong in Markethill Mart on Saturday, August 19th for all classes of stock.

370 beef cattle sold in a steady demand with several very high prices recorded.

Heavy heifers sold to a top of £1,550 for 720k Charolais for a Killylea farmer £210 per 100k.

Main demand from £205 to £227p for a 660k Charolais at £1,505 from a Killylea farmer followed by £223 per 100k for 560k Limousin heifer at £1,255 from an Annaghmore farmer.

Several heifers sold from £1,300 to £1,495 each.

Good quality midweight heifers sold steadily from £200 to £224 per 100k for a 388k Limousin at £870 for a Cullyhanna farmer.

Heavy bullocks sold to a top of £1,620 paid for a 770k Limousin £210 per 100k for an Armagh producer and from £205 to £225 per 100k for 650k Limousin at £1460 from a Tandragee farmer.

Several heavy bullocks sold steadily from £1,400 to £1,590 each.

Angus bullocks sold to a top of £223 per 100k for 560k at £1,250 for a Keady producer, followed by £222 per 100k for a 554k at £1,230 from a Keady farmer.

Good quality midweight steers sold steadily from £205 to £241 per 100k for 370k at £890 and to a top of £110 for a 490k Lim £223 per 100k for a Keady farmer.

Friesian bullocks sold in an exceptionally good demand to a top of £183 per 100k for 540k at £990 from a Stewartstown farmer.

Top price Friesian at £1,075 for 636k, £169 per 100k from a Coalisland farmer.

All suitable friesians sold from £150 to £168 per 100k.

Trade in the weanling ring remained very firm with good quality heifers selling from £210 to £263 per 100k for 200k at £525 and up to £780 paid for 340k from a Dromore farmer.

Male weanlings sold steadily from £210 to £275 per 100k for 224k at £615 for a Newtownhamilton farmer and up to £960 for 370k Charolais, £258 per 100k, for an Armagh producer.

In the suckler ring good quality outfits sold at £1,360, £1,340 and £1,260 with several more from £1,050 to £1,250 each.

HEAVY HEIFERS: Killylea producer 664k, £1,505, 227p/k: Annaghmore producer 562k, £1,255, 223p/k: Benburb producer 518k, £1,140, 220p/k: Tandragee producer 600k, £1,320, 220p/k: Killylea producer 682k, £1,495, 219p/k: Keady producer 516k, £1,120, 217p/k: Collone producer 674k, £1,460, 217p/k: Killylea producer 692k, £1,495, 216p/k: 686k, £1,480, 216p/k.

MIDDLEWEIGHT HEIFERS: Cullyhanna producer 388k, £870, 224p/k: Derryadd producer 390k, £845, 217p/k: 382k, £825, 216p/k: 388k, £835, 215p/k: Fivemiletown producer 370k, £795, 215p/k: Cullyhanna producer 442k, £950, 215p/k: Benburb producer 470k, £1,005, 214p/k: Derryadd producer 398k, £840, 211p/k.

HEAVY BULLOCKS: Tandragee producer 650k, £1,460, 225p/k: Keady producer 560k, £1,250, 223p/k: 554k, £1,230, 222p/k: Newtownhamilton producer 640k, £1,400, 219p/k: Keady producer 582k, £1,260, 216p/k: Annaghmore producer 550k, £1,180, 215p/k: Collone producer 750k, £1,590, 212p/k: Craigavon producer 682k, £1,445, 212p/k: Collone producer 770k, £1,620, 210p/k.

MIDDLEWEIGHT BULLOCKS: Moy producer 370k, £890, 241p/k: Killylea producer 412k, £965, 412p/k: Keady producer 494k, £1,100, 223p/k: 488k, £1,080, 221p/k: Benburb producer 400k, £900, 225p/k: Tassagh producer 452k, £980, 217p/k: Derrynoose producer 374k, £820, 219p/k.

FRIESIAN BULLOCKS: Stewartstown producer 540k, £990, 183p/k: Coalisland producer 636k, £1,075, 169p/k: Stewartstown producer 538k, £905, 168p/k: Moneymore producer 492k, £850, 173p/k: 498k, £840, 169p/k: Katesbridge producer 482k, £850, 167p/k: Stewartstown producer 634k, £1,050, 166p/k: Coalisland producer 580k, £955, 165p/k: 586k, £960, 164p/k: Stewartstown producer 590k, £965, 164p/k.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Newtownhamilton producer 200k, £525, 263p/k: Armagh producer 210k, £545, 259p/k: Rathfriland farmer 344k, £780, 227p/k: Loughgilly producer 312k, £690, 221p/k: Altnamackin producer 346k, £750, 217p/k: Derrynoose producer 280k, £610, 218p/k: Madden producer 344k, £745, 217p/k.

WEANLING MALES: Newtownhamilton producer 224k, £615, 275p/k: Armagh producer 372k, £960, 258p/k: Altnamackin producer 304k, £740, 243p/k: Gilford producer 334k, £785, 235p/k: Rathfriland producer 318k, £740, 233p/k: Dromore producer 312k, £725, 232p/k: Madden producer 352k, £810, 230p/k.