Heavy hoggets sell to £92.50 for 24 kilos at Markethill Mart

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An entry of 2,000 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday 5th April returned a steady trade for hoggets and cull ewes.

Spring lamb trade however was difficult.

Heavy hoggets sold from 345p to 385p per kilo paid for 24 kilos at £92.50.

Top price reached £95 each.

Middleweight hoggets sold from 350p to 382p for 23.3 kilos at £89 each.

Spring lambs reached 445p for 21.8 kilos at £93 each.

Main demand sold from 390p to 420p per kilo.

330 cull ewes had a 100% clearance with good quality ewes from £90 to £118.

Second quality ewes from £65 to £85 each.

Another full yard of ewes and lambs sold in an excellent trade.

Doubles sold to £258 each. Several more outfits sold from £190 to £255 each.

Singles reached £170 with main demand from £130 to £168 each.

HEAVY HOGGETS: Armagh farmer: 24k, £92.50, 385p; Loughgall farmer: 24k, £92, 383p; Richhill farmer: 25k, £95, 380p; Collone farmer: 24.4k, £89.80, 368p; Loughgilly farmer: 24k, £87.50, 364p; Keady farmer: 24k, £87, 362p; Cullyhanna farmer: 24.4k, £88, 360p; Tandragee farmer: 24.7k, £87.80, 355p; Collone farmer: 25.4k, £90, 354p.

MIDDLEWEIGHT HOGGETS: Poyntzpass farmer: 23.3k, £89, 382p; Clare farmer: 23.2k, £87.50, 377p; Kilkeel farmer: 23.5k, £86.50, 368p; Jerrettspass farmer: 22.5k, £82, 364p; Cullyhanna farmer: 23.4k, £84.50, 361p; Loughgilly farmer: 23.1k, £82.50, 357p; Richhill farmer: 23.1k, £82, 355p.

SPRING LAMBS: Middletown farmer: 21.8k, £93, 445p; Ballyherdian farmer: 21k, £88, 419p; Armagh farmer: 21.5k, £89, 413p; Armagh farmer: 22.3k, £91, 408p; Whitecross farmer: 22.5k, £91, 404p; Moy farmer: 21.2k, £85, 400p; Draperstown farmer: 21k, £83, 395p; Tandragee farmer: 24k, £95.50, 398p; Armagh farmer: 24.7k, £92, 372p.