Heavy hoggets sell to a top of £126.50 at Markethill

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An entry of 1250 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday 4th April sold in an increased trade for all sections.

An entry of 650 heavy hoggets sold to a top of £126.50 for 29.4k (430p) with several more pens from £112 to £126.50 each.

Good quality middleweight hoggets sold from 456p to 500p per kilo for 23k @ £115 each.

A good entry of spring lambs sold to a top of 583p per kilo for 23k @ £134 each.

Cull ewes sold in an exceptional trade reaching a top price of £118, followed by £116, £114, £112 & £110 each with second quality ewes from £90 to £109 each whilst plainer ewes sold from £55 to £89 each.

An entry of 350 ewes & lambs sold to a top price of £210. Main demand sold from £170 to £200 each. Singles sold at £165, £150 & £145 each.

HEAVY HOGGETS: Collone farmer 24.3k £117.50 484p, Warrenpoint farmer 25k £120 480p, Donacloney farmer 25.4k £120.50 474p, Donacloney farmer 29.4k £126.50 430p, Newry farmer 29k £123.50 426p, Tandragee farmer 27.9k £122.50 439p, Armagh farmer 24.5k £114 465p, Loughgall farmer 25.2k £117 464p.

MIDDLEWEIGHT HOGGETS: Richhill farmer 23k £115 500p, Donacloney farmer 21.7k £104.50 482p, Newtownhamilton farmer 20.8k £100 481p, Clare farmer 21.8k £103 472p, Loughgall farmer 23.7k £111 468p, Tassagh farmer 23.4k £108.50 464p, Loughgilly farmer 22.4k £103 460p, Poyntzpass farmer 23.7k £108 456p

SPRING LAMBS: Armagh farmer 23k £134 583p, Armagh farmer 21.4k £124 579p, Armagh farmer 22.6k £128 566p, Armagh farmer 23k £129 561p, Armagh farmer 22.6k £126 558p, Markethill farmer 22.5k £125 556p, Markethill farmer 22.5k £125 556p.