Heavy hoggets selling from £100 to £108 each at Markethill Mart

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An entry of 1,680 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday, April 10 returned a noticeably stronger trade for cull ewes and spring lambs with hogget prices slightly easier on the week.

The 1,000 hoggets had a complete clearance with heavy hoggets selling from £100 to £108 each with good quality pens selling from 380p to 413p per kilo for 26 kilos at £107.50 each followed by 408p per kilo for 24.3 kilos at £99.20 each.

Good quality middleweight hoggets sold from 390p to 446p per kilo for 21.4 kilos at £95.50 each followed by 430p per kilo for 20.8 kilos at £89.50 each.

An increased entry of spring lambs sold to a top of 518p per kilo for 22 kilos at £114 each followed by 514p for 21.2 kilos at £109 each.

Heavy spring lambs sold to £119 paid for 24.6 kilos followed by £118.50 for 24.2 kilos at 490p per kilo.

All good quality heavy lambs sold from £108 to £117 each.

An entry of 275 cull ewes sold to a top of £119 each with all fleshed ewes selling from £90 to £118 each with poorer quality ewes from £60 to £80 each.

A large entry in the breeding ring returned an excellent trade with good quality doubles selling at £265, £262 and £258 each and several more outfits from £170 to £245 each.

Singles sold to £248, £238 and £202 each with others from £150, £170 and £182 each.


Newtownhamilton farmer: 26k, £107.50, 413p; Markethill farmer: 24.3k, £99.20, 408p; Poyntzpass producer: 24.2k, £98.50, 407p; Belleeks farmer: 25.8k, £104.20, 404p; Armagh producer: 26k, £105, 404p; Cullyhanna farmer: 26.5k, £106.20, 401p; Tullyherron farmer: 25.5k, £102, 400p and Newry farmer: 26k, £103.80, 399p.


Collone farmer: 21.4k, £95.50, 446p; Armagh farmer: 21.4k, £95.50, 446p; Loughbrickland producer: 20.8k, £89.50, 430p; Portadown farmer: 23.2k, £98, 422p; Armagh producer: 23.2k, £96, 412p; Tynan farmer: 22.5k, £92, 409p; Collone producer: 23k, £94, 409p and Collone farmer: 23.4k, £94, 402p.


Middletown farmer: 22k, £114, 518p; Newry farmer: 21.2k, £109, 514p; Cullyhanna farmer: 23k, £116, 504p; Craigavon producer: 22k, £110, 500p; Armagh producer: 21.4k, £105, 491p; Middletown farmer: 22.5k, £110, 489p and Armagh producer: 21k, £102, 486p.


Clare producer: 24.2k, £118.50, 490p; Newry farmer: 24.6k, £119, 484p; Tandragee producer: 24.5k, £117.50, 480p; Markethill farmer: 24.5k, £117, 478p; Newry producer: 25k, £112, 448p; Newry farmer: 26k, £116, 446p and Collone farmer: 24k, £107, 446p.