Heavy lambs sell from £83 to £88 each at Markethill Mart

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An entry of 1,710 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday 29th November sold in a slightly easier trade on last week however prices were still very firm.

Heavy lambs sold steadily from £83 to £88 each with good quality pens selling from 330p to 350p per kilo with a top of 365p for 24 kilos at £87.50 each.

Good quality middleweights sold from 345p to 366p per kilo with a top of 386p for 22 kilos at £85.

A large entry of stores maintained their recent trade.

Light stores sold from 360p to 441p per kilo for 15.2 kilos at £67 each. Stronger stores sold from 350p to 384p per kilo for 17.2 kilos at £66 each.

Good quality cull ewes sold from £65 to £84 per head.

Plainer ewes from £40 to £55 each.


Keady farmer: 24k, £87.50, 365p; Warrenpoint farmer: 24.4k, £85.50, 350p; Tandragee farmer: 24k, £83.50, 348p; Richhill farmer: 24.5k, £85, 347p; Middletown farmer: 24.7k, £85, 344p; Richhill farmer: 25k, £86, 344p; Markethill farmer: 24.3k, £83, 342p; Richhill farmer: 25.2k, £85.80, 340p; Tullyvallen farmer: 24.7k, £84, 340p; Drumlough farmer: 24k, £81.50, 339p; Armagh farmer: 25.8k, £87.50, 339p.


Ballylane farmer: 22k, £85, 386p; Richhill farmer: 21.2k, £77.50, 366p; Newry farmer: 23.4k, £85, 363p; Markethill farmer: 23k, £82.80, 360p; Armagh farmer: 23k, £82.80, 360p; Newtownhamilton farmer: 23.2k, £83.50, 360p; Tandragee farmer: 23.8k, £85.50, 359p; Tandragee farmer: 23.4k, £83.50, 357p; Tandragee farmer: 23.4k, £83.50, 357p.


Keady farmer: 15.2k, £67, 441p; Keady farmer: 9k, £39, 433p; Galbally farmer: 12k, £50, 417p; Galbally farmer: 15.4k, £64, 416p; Newtownhamilton farmer: 13.7k, £55, 402p; Banbridge farmer: 16.6k, £66, 398p; Banbridge farmer: 16k, £62, 388p; Newry farmer: 17.2k, £66, 384p; Galbally farmer: 13.7k, £51.50, 376p.