Heavy lambs sell steadily from £94 to £98 each at Markethill Mart

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An entry of 1,600 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday, December 5th sold in a stronger trade on the week with prices increased by a further £3 to £4 per head.

Heavy lambs sold steadily from £94 to £98 each with top quality pens from 370p to 392p per kilo for 24 kilos at £94 each followed by 383p per kilo for 24kilos at £92 each.

In all 490 heavy lambs averaged 26.3 kilos at £94.70 360p per kilo.

Top quality middleweight lambs sold from 380p to 420p per kilo for 20 kilos at £84 followed by 414p for 22 kilos at £91 each.

Store lambs sold in the best trade to date this season.

Light stores sold to 519p per kilo for 10.6 kilos at £55 each followed by 453p for 14.8 kilos at £67 each.

All good light stores sold from 400p to 440p per kilo.

Stronger stores sold to 445p for 17.3 kilos at £77 each followed by 418p for 19 kilos at £79.50 each.

Quality cull ewes sold from £65 to £84 each.

Second quality sold from £50 to £60 each.


Newtownhamilton farmer: 24k, £94, 392p; Loughgall farmer: 24k, £92, 383p; Tandragee farmer: 24.2k, £92.50, 382p; Armagh farmer: 25k, £95.50, 382p; Dromara farmer: 24.1k, £92, 382p; Armagh farmer: 24.4k, £92, 377p; Lurgan farmer: 25k, £94, 376p and Moy farmer: 24k, £90, 375p.


Markethill farmer: 20k, £84, 420p; Ballykinlar farmer: 22k, £91, 414p; Lurgan farmer: 20.5k, £84, 410p; Silverbridge farmer: 20.4k, £83.50, 409p; Ballykeel farmer: 21k, £85.50, 407p; Annaclone farmer: 20k, £80.50, 403p; Newtownhamilton farmer: 20.7k, £83, 401p and Galbally farmer: 21.3k, £85, 399p.


Dungannon farmer: 10.6k, £55, 519p; Dungannon farmer: 14.8k, £67, 453p; Richhill farmer: 17.3k, £77, 445p; Markethill farmer: 15k, £66, 440p; Loughgilly farmer: 15k, £66, 440p; Blackwatertown farmer: 11.4k, £50, 439p; Belleeks farmer: 16k, £70, 438p and Lislea farmer: 16k, £69, 431p.