Heavy lambs sell to up to £110 at Markethill Mart

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An entry of 1,200 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday 14th June continued to sell in a very firm demand.

Heavy lambs sold up to £110 each with several pens from £104 to £109.50 each.

Top rate for heavies 442p per kilo for 24.2 kilos at £107.

Main demand from 390p to 425p per kilo.

Light lambs sold in an exceptionally strong demand with several pens selling from £98 to £105 each.

Top rate of 477p per kilo was paid for 22 kilos at £105 followed by 473p per kilo for 22 kilos at £104 each.

All good quality light lambs sold steadily from 450p to 470p per kilo.

Good quality cull ewes sold up to £98 each.

Main demand from £70 to £95 each.

Second quality ewes sold from £50 to £65 each.

A large entry in the breeding ring sold in an excellent trade.

Doubles sold to £230 and good quality singles sold from £150 to £185 each.

Special entry Wednesday 21st June.

40 breeding hoggets Suffolk/Cheviot cross for Co Tyrone farmer.

HEAVY LAMBS: Portadown farmer: 24.2k, £107, 442p: Whitecross farmer: 24k, £102, 425p: Portadown farmer: 25.3k, £106.50, 421p: Stewartstown farmer: 24.8k, £103, 415: Tullyvallen farmer: 25.4k, £105, 413p: Armagh farmer: 26.5k, £106, 400p: Cullyhanna farmer: 28k, £109.50, 391p: Ballykeel farmer: 29k, £110, 379p.

LIGHT LAMBS: Ballylane farmer: 22k, £105, 477p: Loughgall farmer: 22k, £105, 477p: Cullyhanna farmer: 22k, £104, 473p: Belleeks farmer: 20.7k, £97.50, 471p: Poyntzpass farmer: 20.7, £96.50, 466p: Belleeks farmer: 21.8k, £102.50, 470p: Markethill farmer: 21k, £98.50, 469p: Armagh farmer: 22.4k, £105, 469p: Belleeks farmer: 22k, £103, 468p: Newtownhamilton farmer: 21.9k, £102.50, 468p.