Heavy lambs sell to a top of £76 at Markethill

On Wednesday, 30th October at Markethill heavy lambs sold to a greater demand to a top of £76 each for 25 kilos.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 10:26 am

Other middleweight lambs weighing 24kilos reached £75 followed by 23 kilos at £73 each.

Fat ewes sold in a great demand to a top of £104 each for a Texel Ewe followed by a Char at £95 each and Dorsets at £81 each.

Stores were also in firm trade with plenty of customers around the ringside. Stores weighing 16.5 kilos made £64.50 each with stronger pens selling at £67.50 for 18.4kilos 366p followed by £70.50 for 19.5 kilos 354p.

HEAVY LAMBS: Glassdrummond farmer 25.5k £76.50 300p; Dromara farmer 25.4k £76 299p; Forkhill seller 26.4k £76 287p.

MIDDLEWEIGHT LAMBS: Newtownhamilton farmer 21.9k £72 328p; Newry seller 22.3k £72 322p; Markethill farmer 23.9k £74 309p.

STORES: Portadown producer 16.6k £64 385p; Banbridge seller 16.7k £63 377p; Benburb farmer 18.4k £67.50 366p; Jerrettspass farmer 19.9k £70.50 354p; Hillsborough producer 19.7k £66.50 337p.