Heavy lambs sold from £80 to £86 each at Markethill Mart

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An entry of 1,600 sheep at Markethill Mart on Wednesday 13th September sold in a steady trade.

Heavy lambs sold from £80 to £86 each.

Fat lambs sold in a steady trade while stores sold in a very firm trade.

Cull ewes sold from £60 to £80 each.

Breeding hoggets sold from £130 to £152 each.


Armagh farmer: 25k, £85, 339p; Armagh farmer: 25.3k, £84, 332p; Ballylane farmer: 25.8k, £85, 329p; Donacloney farmer: 25.9k, £85, 328p; Moy farmer: 26k, £85, 327p; Gortin farmer: 25k, £81.50, 326p.


Mayobridge farmer: 23.4k, £85, 363p; Katesbridge farmer: 21.4k, £74.50, 348p; Armagh farmer: 23k, £79.50, 346p; Dungannon farmer: 22k, £76, 345p; Markethill farmer: 24k, £82.50, 344p; Richhill farmer: 23k, £79, 343p; Mayobridge farmer: 22.8k, £78, 342p; Kilkeel farmer: 22.4k, £76.50, 341p; Armagh farmer: 22k, £75, 341p.


Mayobridge farmer: 17.9k, £70, 391p; Gortin farmer: 18.8k, £73, 388p; Donacloney farmer: 17.4k, £67.50, 388p; Ballygawley farmer: 19.3k, £74.50, 386p; Mayobridge farmer: 17.6k, £67.50, 384p; Armagh farmer: 17.6k, £67.50, 384p.


Newry farmer: 14k, £64, 451p; Galbally farmer: 13.4k, £58, 433p; Newry farmer: 13.4k, £56.50, 422p; Mayobridge farmer: 16.3k, £68.50, 420p; Newry farmer: 16.7k, £69, 413p; Galbally farmer: 16.6k, £67.50, 407p; Armagh farmer: 15.3k, £62, 405p; Draperstown farmer: 14.8k, £59, 399p; Mayobridge farmer: 16.7k, £66.50, 398p; Hilltown farmer: 13k, £51.50, 396p.