Heavy lots sell to up to £1,500 for a 734kg at Enniskillen Mart

Enniskillen Mart
Enniskillen Mart

With large numbers of cattle coming forward to Thursday's sales and buyers present from all six counties, trade in all six rings continued to be firm.

Lightweights sold from 220 to 281ppk for a Charolais 322kg at £905.

Medium weights sold from 215 to 263ppk for a Charolais 410kg at £1,080.

Heavy lots sold from 200 to 240ppk for an Charolais 500kg at £1,200 and selling up to £1,500 for a 734kg Aberdeen Angus.


Omagh producer Charolais 322kg at £905, Clogher producer Charolais 368kg at £1,030, Charolais 472kg at £1,185, Charolais 514kg at £1,180, Blue 542kg at £1,235, Maguiresbridge producer Limousin 344kg at £920, Lisbellaw producer Charolais 410kg at £1,080, Brookeborough Charolais 442kg at £1,125, Charolais 500kg at £1,200, Charolais 540kg at £1,230, Lisnaskea producer Blue 450kg at £1,140, Belcoo proucer Aberdeen Angus 648kg at £1,450.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from 210p to 310p for a 287kg Charolais at £890 and heifers from 200p to 276p for a 287kg Charolais at £850.

Ruling prices

Garrison producer 321kg Simmental heifer at £860, 340kg Charolais steer at £935, 287kg Charolais heifer at £850, 286kg Charolais bull at £865, Roscor producer 315kg Charolais bull at £855, 323kg Charolais bull at £965, Belcoo producer 352kg Charolais heifer at £860, 325kg Charolais heifer at £900, Lack producer 342kg Charolais steer at £880, Lisbellaw producer 374g Charolais heifer at £930, Tempo producer 317kg Charolais steer at £855, Letterbreen producer 279kg Limousin steer at £810, Leggs producer 374kg Charolais at £960, 345kg Limousin heifer at £805, Garrison producer 321kg Charolais heifer at £925, 321kg Charolais bull at £950, Belleek producer 380kg Charolais heifer at £970, 425kg Limousin heifer at £975, Derrylin producer 333kg Charolais heifer at £905, 350kg Charolais heifer at £950, Dromore producer 360kg Charolais steer at £980, 355kg Simmental steer at £915, Boho producer 291kg Charolais bull at £840, Kesh producer 351kg Charolais bull at £900, 344kg Charolais bull at £975.


Tempo producer Charolais bull at £500, Belgian Blue bull at £380, Lisnaskea producer Charolais heifer at £380, Bellanaleck producer Limousin bull at £380, Derrygonnelly producer Limousin bull at £370.


Maguiresbridge producer Aberdeen Angus heifer at £345, Limousin heifer at £320, Rosslea producer Limousin bull at £315, Friesian bull at £85, Friesian bull at £70, Garvary producer BB heifer at £310, Tamlaght producer Belgian Blue bull at £320, Belgian Blue bull at £280, Tempo producer Belgian Blue bull at £315, Belgian Blue bull at £320, Belgian Blue bull at £295, Charolais bull at £285.


Dromore producer springing Limousin heifer at £1,480, springing Limousin heifer at £1,250, Kesh producer Aberdeen Angus cow with heifer at £1,470, Irvinestown producer springing Limousin cow at £1,250, Derrylin producer springing Hereford cow at £1,050, springing Aberdeen Angus cow at £1,080.


Beef lots sold to 233ppk paid for a 600kg Charolais at £1,400 and a top price of £1,460.

Medium weights from 202-227ppk paid for a 480kg Charolais at £1,090.

While light weights sold from 205-234ppk paid for a 325kg at £760.

Derrylin producer Charolais 650kg at £1,460, Charolais 645kg at £1,380, Charolais 610kg at £1,320, Charolais 600kg at £1,325, Blonde d'Aquitaine 520kg at £1,175, Blonde d'Aquitaine 510kg at £1,155, Fivemiletown producer Charolais 600kg at £1,400, Charolais 595kg at £1,380, Charolais 615kg at £1,350, Charolais 590kg at £1,335, Charolais 580kg at £1,300, Maguiresbridge producer Charolais 480kg at £1,090, Newtownbutler producer Charolais 530kg at £1,165, Charolais 515kg at £1,105, Garavey producer Charolais 530kg at £1,185, Charolais 490kg at £1,095.

Fat cows

Beef lots sold from 185pk paid for a 580kg Charolais at £1,080, light weights to 207ppk paid for 514kg Charolais at £1,065, Friesian cow paid from 70-131ppk for a 598kg Charolais at £780.

Macken producer Charolais 770kg at £1,280, Charolais 670kg at £1,070, Letterbreen producer Charolais 718kg at £1,220, Derrygonnely producer Charolais 780kg at £1,170, Coa producer Charolais 738kg at £1,250, Charolais 736kg at £1,240, Charolais 590kg at £1,065, Leggs producer Charolais 724kg at £1,190.