Heavy weight bullocks peak at £850 at Downpatrick Mart

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At the Monday night cattle sale on January 28th 2019 heavy weight bullocks peaked per head at £850 for 464kg Aberdeen Angus (£1.83ppk) with heifers at £825 for 382kg Aberdeen Angus (2.16ppk).

Good quality light weight heifers selling to a top of £2.18ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:


Downpatrick farmer 512kg Aberdeen Angus £935 (1.83ppk), Castlewellan farmer 464kg Aberdeen Angus £850 (1.83ppk), Downpatrick farmer 330kg Aberdeen Angus £825 (2.50ppk), Dromara 330kg Limousin £760 (2.30ppk) and 340kg Saler £730 (2.15ppk) and 322kg Saler £715 (2.22ppk), 286kg Saler £670 (2.34ppk), Killinchy farmer 350kg Shorthorn beef £700 (2.00kg) and 328kg Shorthorn beef £680 (2.07ppk) and 358kg Shorthorn beef £660 (1.84ppk) and 340kg Shorthorn beef £605 (1.78ppk), Newtownards farmer 366kg HER £590 (1.61ppk) and Ballynahinch farmer 238kg Blonde d’Aquitaine £590 (2.48ppk).


Ballynahinch farmer 550kg Belgian Blue £800 (1.45ppk) and 765kg Limousin £765 (2.25ppk) and 318kg Shorthorn beef £660 (2.08ppk), Downpatrick farmer 384kg Blonde d’Aquitaine £650 (1.97ppk) and 376kg Limousin £655 (1.74ppk) and 338kg Shorthorn £610 (1.80ppk) and 384kg Blonde d’Aquitaine £610 (1.59ppk), Annacloy farmer 266kg Blonde d’Aquitaine £580 (2.18ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 302kg Hereford £550 (1.82ppk) and 294kg Blonde d’Aquitaine £550 (1.87ppk) and 318kg Shorthorn £545 (1.71ppk) and 268kg Shorthorn £530 (1.98ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 288kg Shorthorn £520(1.81ppk) and 248kg Limousin £470 (1.90ppk) and Downpatrick farmer 248kg Shorthorn beef £300 (1.21ppk).

At the sheep sale on Saturday, January 26th 2019 trade was steady from the previous sale, hoggets selling to £104.00, fat ewes to £90.00 and light weight lambs to £4.70ppk.


Ballynagross farmer 34kg, £104.00, Coniamstown farmer 26kg, £102.00, Killinchy farmer 25kg, £101.50, Ardglass farmer 28kg, £101.00, Maghera farmer 25kg, £100.00, Crossgar farmer 24kg, £100.00, Clough farmer 25kg, £100.00, Ballygowan farmer 25kg, £100.00, Castlewellan farmer 25kg, £99.00, Ballynahinch farmer 24kg, £97.50, Ballyward farmer 24kg, £97.00, Ballyhornan farmer 23kg, £96.00, Ballynahinch farmer 23kg, £95.50, Dromara farmer 23kg, £94.00, Downpatrick farmer 21kg, £93.00, Ballycruttle farmer 22kg, £92.00, Legamaddy farmer 22kg, £90.50, Ballynahinch farmer 22kg, £90.00 and 21kg £85.50, Castlewellan farmer 19kg £81.00, Downpatrick farmer 17kg, £80.00 and Crossgar farmer 17kg, £71.00.


Downpatrick farmer £90.00, Saintfield farmer £87.50, Ballynagross and Downpatrick farmers £80.00, Strangford, Newcastle, Castlewellan and Downpatrick farmers £70.00, Ballygowan farmer £67.50 and Kilcoo farmers £67.00.