Heifers peak at £1,225 at Downpatrick Mart

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At the Monday night cattle sale on September 10th 2018 there was a good entry of quality cattle.

In the heavy weight category bullocks peaked per head at £1,155 for 604kg Blonde d’Aquitaine (£2.02ppk) with heifers at £1,225 for 640kg Belgian Blue (1.91ppk).

Good quality light weight stores were still in strong demand, selling to a top of £2.46ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

Bullocks 500kg plus: Legmaddy farmer 604kg Blonde d’Aquitaine £1,150 (2.02ppk) and 570kg Blonde d’Aquitaine £1,150 (2.10ppk), Saul farmer 564kg Limousin £1,120 (1.99ppk), Downpatrick farmer 566kg Limousin £1,100 (1.94ppk), Ballyrolly farmer 540kg Saler £1,080 (2.00ppk), Lissoid farmer 512kg Charolais £1,060 (2.07ppk), Tullymurry farmer 538kg Saler £1,060 (1.97ppk), Coniamstown farmer 584kg Simmental £1,060 (1.82ppk), Ballygowan farmer 570kg Charolais £1055 (1.86ppk), Legamaddy farmer 500kg Blonde d’Aquitaine £1,040 (2.03ppk), Lissoid farmer 556kg Shorthorn £1,030 (1.85ppk), Raholp farmer 578kg Charolais £1,005 (1.74ppk), Coniamstown farmer 536kg Aberdeen Angus £1,000 (1.87ppk), Saul farmer 520kg Limousin £990 (1.90ppk), Raffery farmer 574kg Aberdeen Angus £975 (1.70ppk), Lissoid farmer 530kg Charolais £960, (1.81ppk), Downpatrick farmer 588kg Hereford £945 (1.61ppk), Newcastle farmer 516kg Aberdeen Angus £935 (1.81ppk), Downpatrick farmer 540kg Belgian Blue £890 (1.65ppk), Downpatrick farmer 518kg Aberdeen Angus £870 (1.68ppk) and Legamaddy farmer 538kg Limousin £850 (1.58ppk) and Raffery farmer 534kg Limousin £845 (2.04ppk).

Bullocks 200-500kg

Downpatrick farmer 438kg Charolais £920 (2.08ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 476kg Charolais £905 (1.90ppk), Downpatrick farmer 426kg Charolais £900 (2.12ppk), Crossgar farmer 438kg Simmental £895 (2.04ppk), Downpatrick farmer 430kg Charolais £880 (2.05ppk) and 432kg Charolais £875 (2.03ppk), Lissoid farmer 482kg Saler £860 (1.79ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 480kg Charolais £860 (1.79ppk), Downpatrick farmer 408kg Charolais £855 (2.10ppk),Ardglass farmer 424kg Blonde d’Aquitaine £855 (2.02ppk), Downpatrick farmer 414kg Charolais £845 (1.58ppk), Inch farmer 390kg Simmental £830 (2.12ppk), Raffrey farmer 484g Limousin £800 (1.65ppk), Crossgar farmer 346kg Simmental £790 (2.28ppk) and 334kg Simmental £785 (2.35kg) and 398kg Simmental £775 (1.60ppk), Ardglass farmer 350kg Blonde d’Aquitaine £710 (2.02ppk), Annacloy farmer 234kg Limousin £575 (2.46ppk) and 254kg Limousin £535 (2.10ppk) and 314kg Limousin £530 (2.11ppk) and 290kg Simmental £510 (1.76ppk), Newcastle farmer 408kg Friesian £500 (1.22ppk), Crossgar farmer 330kg Limousin £485 (1.47ppk) and 228kg Limousin £44.

Heifers 500 plus

Legamaddy farmer 640kg Belgian Blue £1,225 (1.91ppk), Saul farmer 602kg Simmental £1,040 (1.73ppk), Downpatrick farmer 548kg Simmental £1,020 (1.86ppk) and 506kg Limousin £1,010 (2.00ppk) and 512kg Limousin £1,000 (1.95ppk) and 534kg Aberdeen Angus £920 (1.73ppk).

Heifers 200-499kg

Downpatrick farmer 474kg Belgian Blue £835 (1.76ppk) and 364kg Charolais £800 (2.20ppk) and 430kg Charolais £760 (1.77) and 394kg Charolais £740 (1.88), Ballydonety farmer 462kg Hereford £720 (1.56ppk), Bonecastle farmer 350kg Charolais £660 (1.86ppk), Saul farmer 360kg Charolais £650 (1.81ppk), Drumaness farmer 410kg Limousin £650 (1.59ppk), Downpatrick farmer 342kg Charolais £625 (1.83ppk) and Ardglass farmer 288kg Blonde d’Aquitaine £570 (1.98ppk), Bonecastle farmer 324kg Charolais £520 (1.60ppk) and 282kg Charolais £450 (1.59ppk).