Heifers sell to £1,040 for 480kg at Pomeroy Mart

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An excellent entry of stock sold well at Pomeroy with great demand in all sections.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Michael Bradley £980/400kg, £925/420kg, £890/420kg, £890/400kg, Dominic Hamill £920/340kg, Eamonn Martin £865/380kg, Noel Graham £855/340kg, £820/350kg, £805/340kg, Brendan Martin £815/330kg, £790/300kg, £785/360kg, James Bradley 3810/380kg, Finbar Conway £800/340kg, Brian Graham £800/370kg, Sean McGlinchey £795/310kg, Dominic Hamill £750/350kg, £670/250kg, £670/200kg, A and K McCann £745/280kg, Alphon Haughey £720/350kg, £720/350kg, £635/270kg, James Bradley £700/310kg, James Bradley £650/290kg, Dominic Hamill £640/250kg, Aubrey Hawkes £625/330kg, £620/340kg, £580/310kg, £575/300kg, Michael Lennon £620/260kg, A and K McCann £525/240kg, £510/180kg.

HEIFERS: Joseph Heagney £1,040/480kg, £900/430kg, £880/390kg, £855/400kg, £850/380kg, £850/380kg, £835/370kg, Michael Begley £875/420kg, D Jefferson £865, Joseph/McNamee /£850/390kg, Gortavoy Farms £835/410kg, Michael Begley £810/370kg, £800/380kg, Leslie Carsokg, £0/370kg, Dominic Hamikg, £85/300kg, D Jefferson £780, Joseph McNamee £770/360kg, £760/380kg, £740/360kg, £705/370kg, Dominic Hamill £760/320kg, £690/280kg, Michael Begley £760/370kg, Noel Graham£720/310kg, £710/380kg, £700/320kg, Dominic Hamill £690/280kg, £670/230kg, Conor Haughey £670/330kg, James Bradley £670/280kg, Johnathon Cooke £670/370kg, Michael Lennon £660/270kg, A and K McCann £645/260kg, £620/230kg, £600/270kg, £600/270kg, 490/90kg.