Heifers sell to £1,230 for 540k at Markethill Mart

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An entry of 660 cattle in Markethill on Saturday 8th April 2017 continued to sell in a very strong demand.

250 heifers were offered for sale with forward heifers selling from £220 to £228 per 100k for 540k at £1,230.

Good quality midweight heifers sold to £233 per 100k for 470k Char at £1,100 for a Cladybeg farmer.

Main demand for good quality midweights from £200 to £232 per 100k.

Lightweight heifers sold to £262 per 100k for 336k at £880 with all good quality lightweights from £200 to £241 per 100k.

220 bullocks sold in a steady trade.

Forward bullocks to £227 per 100k 516k at £1,170 with all suitable lots from £200 to £224 per 100k.

Midweight steers sold in an exceptionally good demand with top quality lots from £220 to a top of £248 per 100k for 432k at £1,070 for a Derryadd farmer.

Top quality lightweight steers sold from £230 to £298 per 100k for 352k at £1050 for a Lurgan farmer.

200 weanlings – good quality males from £230 to £295 per 100k for 264k at £780 for a Keady farmer.

Good quality heifers sold steadily from £200 to £256 per 100k for 260k at £665.

Forward heifers: Cullyhanna farmer 540k, £1,230, 228p: Lisnadill farmer 524k, £1,190, 225p: Scarva farmer 508k, £1,135, 223p: Lisnadill farmer 514k, £1,145, 223p: Scarva farmer 554k, £1,180, 213p: Newry farmer 554k, £1,170, 211p: Keady farmer 604k, £1,270, 210p: Newtownhamilton farmer 508kv £1,060, 209p.

Midweight heifers: Armagh farmer 472k, £1,100, 233p: Lisnadill farmer 452k, £1,050, 232p: Armagh farmer 450k, £1,020, 227p: Lisnadill farmer 480k, £1,085, 226p: Newry farmer 466k, £1,045, 224p: Lisnadill farmer 440k, £950, 216p: Newtownhamilton farmer 488k, £1,050, 215p: Armagh farmer 428k, £920, 215p.

Lightweight heifers: Armagh farmer 336k, £880, 262p: 328k, £790, 241p: Keady farmer 322k, £750, 233p: Armagh farmer 356k, £790, 222p: 382k, £830, 217p: 382k, £815, 213p: Cullyhanna farmer 382k, £810, 212p.

Forward bullocks: Armagh farmer 516k, £1,170, 227p: Newtownhamilton farmer 514k, £1,150, 224p: Markethill farmer 554k, £1,200, 217p: 554k, £1,200, 217p: Armagh farmer 504k, £1,090, 216p: Newtownhamilton farmer 512k, £1,095, 214p: Armagh farmer 518k, £1,090, 210p.

Midweight bullocks: Derryadd farmer 432k, £1,070, 248p: 408k, £990, 243p: Portadown farmer 418k, £1,000, 239p: Loughgilly farmer 440k, £1,050, 239p: Portadown farmer 416k, £990, 238p: Loughgilly farmer 448k, £1,065, 238p: Newtownhamilton farmer 492k, £1,140, 232p: Dromore farmer 426k, £980, 230p.

Lightweight bullocks: Lurgan farmer 352k, £1,050, 298p: 360k, £1,040 289p: 336k, £950, 283p: 378k, £1,065, 282p: 358k, £990, 277p: 322k, £890, 276p: 384k, £1,000, 260p: 348k, £880, 253p.

Male weanlings: Keady farmer 264k, £780, 295p: Cladybeg famer 274p, £770, 281p: Newtownhamilton farmer 338k, £935, 277p: Tassagh farmer 248p, £680, 274p: Lisnaskea farmer 240p, £650, 271p: 296k, £800, 270p: Mountnorris farmer 306k, £790, 258p: Keady farmer 312k, £790, 253p.

Female weanlings: Milford farmer 260k, £665, 256p: Armagh farmer 300k, £760, 253p: Ballymacnab famer 282k, £670, 238p: Keady farmer 288k, £635, 220p: Portadown farmer 214k, £465, 217p: Markethill farmer 288k, £610, 212p.