Heifers sell to £1,490 for 690kg at Draperstown Mart

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An exceptional sale on last Friday (September 8th) at Draperstown Mart.

Cattle sold to a packed ringside. Bullocks sold to £1,480 for 710kg, heifers sold to £1,490 for 690kg, weanlings sold to up to £840, suckler cows sold to £1,500 and fat cows sold to £1,574.30 for 910kg.

BULLOCKS: P and D McCrory £1,480/710kg, Sean Murphy £1,380/640kg, Gary Arthur £1,345/680kg, £1,340/690kg, John Downey £1,340/630kg, Thomas Boyd £1,335/690kg, P and D McCrory £1,330/620kg, Margret Maxwell £1,330/680kg, John Downey £1,325/620kg, Thomas Booth £1,320/640kg, Sean Murphy £1,320/600kg, Plunket Begley £1,315/20kg, £1,300/610kg, I & A Sinclair £1,300/600kg, John Downey £1,285/650kg,£1,240/640kg, Trevor Paul £1,285/640kg, P and D McCrory £1270/660kg, Margaret Maxwell £1,270/640kg, £1,245/660kg, Alan Hutchinson £1,250/600kg, £1,245/590kg, £1,220/64kg, Sean Murphy £1,250/560kg, Gary Arthur £1,250/60kg, Roddy Kearney £1,240/670kg, Thomas Booth £1,240/640kg, John Smyth £1,235/590kg, P and D McCrory £1,230/600kg, £1,220/530kg, Sean Murphy £1,220/520kg, J J McKenna £1,210/600kg, Sean O’Neill £1,205/580kg, Trevor Smyth £1,205/630kg, Alan Hutchinson £1,205/620kg, £1,195/620kg, Roddy Kearney £1,205/540kg, Francis McNally £1,200/610kg, Margaret Maxwell £1,200/590kg, Sean Murphy £1,195/550kg.

HEIFERS: James Chivers £1,490/690kg, Tony Lagan £1,460/710kg, £1,300/600kg, £1,250/580kg, £1,250/590kg, £1,200/560kg, £1,200/600kg, £1,190/620kg, Paul Young £1,380/580kg, Oliver McElvogue £1,260/610kg, £1,250/550kg, £1,220/580kg, £1,200/570kg, £1,185/590kg, Plunket Begley £1,240/620kg, £1,180/580kg, Tony Lagan £1,170/56kg, £1,160/580kg, Oliver McElvogue £1,170/540kg, £1,155/540kg, £1,135/530kg, £1,125/560kg, £1,120/500kg, £1,100/500kg, £1,090/520kg, £1,080/520kg, £1,080/550kg, I and A Sinclair £1,170/580kg, Paul Young £1,150/490kg, £1,145/490kg, Tony Lagan £1,100/520kg, Dermot Nugent £1,095/530kg, £1,085/570kg, £1,080/510kg, £1,075/500kg, £1,050/570kg, £1,040/510kg, £1,020/580kg, £1,020/500kg, £1,000/500kg, £1,000/540kg, Ralph Pickering £1,060/510kg, £1,055/490kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: C Miller £840/390kg, £830/340kg, H and S Paul £720/440kg, John Conway £700/350kg, Michael McShane £670/350kg, £670/290kg, £610/310kg, Damien Miller £670290kg, £655/300kg,£615/300kg, £580/290kg, Richard Charles £635/350kg, John Conway £570/330kg.

WEANLINGS FEMALE: Sean McShane £745/390kg, £720/390kg, Dominic Gormley £735/370kg, £730/370kg, £730/350kg, £705/360kg, £705/390kg, £695/340kg, John Conway £700/400kg, Patrick Donaghy £685/340kg, Damien Miller £680/330kg, £665/285kg, 650/320kg, £610/280kg, £600/250kg, Dominic Gormley £665/380kg, £620/360kg, £600/290kg, £600/280kg, £600/380kg, Sean McShane £645/320kg, Damien Miller £600/270kg.

SUCKLER COWS: Francis McGillion £1,500, £1,430, John Conway £1,260, Ralph Pickering £1,015, Ronan Kelly £920.

FAT COWS: Frank Stewart £1,574.30/910kg, Daniel Rafferty £1,267.50/750kg, Seamus Loughran £1,136/710kg, Daniel Rafferty £1,093.40/710kg, Louise McKelvey £1,073/740kg, £1,070.30/770kg, James Chivers £1,062/590kg, Frank Stewart £1,016.40/660kg, Kathleen McCloskey £976.50/630kg, James Chivers £957/660kg, £957/660kg, Malachy McGurk £926.10/630kg, £920.40/590kg, £910.80/660kg, Seamus Loughran £840/600kg, £774/600kg, Margaret McGeough £763.80/670kg.