High prices continue at Rathfriland

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The high prices of the previous week continued on Friday with suckler outfits to £1750 for a Castlewellan farmer.

Fat cows to £1080 for a Ballyward farmer. Some tremendous quality in the bullocks section saw £1455, £1405 and £1385 paid to a Begney farmer for 3 outstanding Ch weighing 682k each. A 610k Sim from Ballynanny sold at £1255. Store heifers were lighter weights this week and sold to £950 with the most around 400k-450k. Weanling calves were a great trade selling to £925 for 360k Ch male and £800 for a 390k Her. A top per kilo of 276p for a 290k Ch male at £800 and 264 pence paid for 244k Lim heifer. 366k Ch male sold at £890 or 250p/k. Dropped calves saw a pen of young sturks clear up to £605 for an outstanding Sim bull with others to £465. Young calves sold to £400 and £390 for bulls from Cascum.


A pen of young sturks from Lisburn sold from £360 to £610. A Cascum farmer Sim bull £400, BB, £390. A pen of males from Seaforde: £450, £420, £310, Her Bulls, £355 and £305. Hillsborough farmer AA bull, £370. Seaforde farmer Lim £355. Crossgar farmer £315. Fedney farmer: Lim heifers £325, £300 and £300.

WEANLINGS: Banbridge farmer 290k at £800 or 276p/k, 360k at £925 or 257p/k, 278k at £740 or 276p/k. Hillsborough farmer 284k at £750 or 264p/k, 290k @ £700 or 241p/k and 316k at £725 or 230p/k. Ballyroney farmer 244k at £645 or 264p/k, 308k at £700 or 227p/k. Edenagarry farmer 356k at £890 or 250p/k, 320k at £750 or 234p/k. Aghaderg farmer 258k at £620 or 236p/k. Annaclone farmer a pen of Heifers, 256k at £650 or 254p/k, 266k at £660 or 248p/k, 280k at £640 or 229p/k.


Three outfits from Castlewellan: £1750, £1480 and £1350. A pen of springing cows from Newry sold from £800 - £900. Fat cows sold to £1080 for 746k AA from Ballyward. A 690k Stab from Lisburn reached £980. Holstein cows sold to 105p/k for 572k at £600.

BULLOCKS: Begney farmer 700k at £1455, 672k at £1405, 674k at £1385. Ballynanny farmer: 610k at £1255, 494k at £1090 and 462k at £1055. Cabra farmer 628k at £1200. Ballymacross farmer 520k at £1060. Ballinaskeagh farmer 530k at £1045. Katesbridge farmer 530k at £1020, 512k at £980, 440k at £960, 464k at £970, 446k at £900, 428k at £880. Ballinaskeagh farmer 498k at £980, 490k at £970.

FRIESIAN BULLOCKS: Legananny farmer 552k at £920 or 167p/k. Donaghmore farmer 560k at £900 or 160p/k, 462k at £740 or 160p/k, 446k at £680, 390k at £575, 390k at £570. Cabra farmer 566k at £840, 532k @ £815. Tanvalley farmer 540k at £895, 552k at £825, 476k at £700.

From Friday 4th August, the sale will commence at 11am sharp. Dropped calves must be penned by 10.45am at the latest.

A better trade for sheep all round with a smaller entry on Tuesday evening. Lambs sold to £91.50 for 5 Texel crossed ewes weighing 25k from Banbridge. This was followed by £90 twice for farmers from Banbridge and Gilford at 27k. A pen of 23.7k from Ballynahinch sold at £87.50. Castlewellan farmer 22.7k at £86. Hilltown farmer 2 lots of 24k at £85. Dromore farmer 26k at £85. Castlewellan farmer 26.5k at £85. Garvaghy farmer 21k at £80. Castlewellan farmer 18k at £68. Moyadd farmer 17k at £66.


A big entry of fat ewes saw the majority selling from £70 up with a top of £77. 32 ewes sold at £75 each.


A top of £158 was paid twice for Suffolk crossed hoggets. Full mouth ewes sold to £100.