Improved entry of cattle on offer at Enniskillen

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An improved entry of cattle on offer at Thursday’s Enniskillen sales.

Store bullocks sold as follows:

BULLOCKS: Portadown CH 688kg at 1265, CH 658kg at 1270; Newtown producer CH 602kg at 1200, CH 650kg at1200; Enniskillen producer AA 600kg at1100, CH 612kg at 1100; Waringstown producer CH 604kg at 1170, CH 622kg at 1135.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £995 paid for a 359kg AA, while HFRS ranged from £520 to £860 for a 402kg CH.

Ruling prices: Fivemiletown producer 359kg AA bull at 955, 349kg CH bull at 900, 363kg SAL bull at 795; Kinawley producer 339kg CH bull at 915, 326kg CH bull at 910, 373kg CH bull at 925, 263kg LIM bull at 750; Roslea producer 302kg CH hfr at 670, 402kg CH hfr at 860, 294kg CH hfr at 650, 338kg CH hfr at 670; Florencecourt producer 309kg CH steer at 890, 302kg LIM steer at 835, 252kg CH steer at 735, 249 AA steer at 615; Newtown producer 410kg CH steer 885, 327kg CH steer at800; Enniskillen producer 381kg SIM bull at 805, 314kg SIm hfr at 655, 265kg LIM hfr at 520, 326kg LIM hfr at 690; Kesh producer 374kg SIM bull at 735, 219kg LIM hfr at 450; Lisnaskea producer 245kg AA bull at 600, 232 CH bull at 645, 332kg AA bull at 725, 263kg AA bull at 600; Belleek producer 279 CH hfr at 660, 284kg LIM hfr at 640, 353kg CH steer at 945; Roslea producer 263kg CH hfr at 535, 281kg HC hfr at 660, 202kg CH hfr at 500, 272kg CH hfr at 590; Garrison producer 342kg CH bull at 775, 368kg CH bull at 905, 291kg CH bull at 765; Derrygonnelly producer 267kg SIM hfr at 560, 341kg CH steer at 765, 321kg SIM hfr at 805.

CALVES: Derrygonnelly producer CH bull at 345, LIM bull at 300, CH hfr at 280, CH bull at 290; Dromore producer HERE bull at 305, AA hfr at275; Kinawley producer AA bull at 290, AA bull at 280; Florencecourt producer FR bull at 85

SUCKLER COWS: Ederney producer LIM cow with bull at 1700; Trillick producer CH cow with bull at 1540, LIM cow with bull at1 340; Florencecourt producer AA cow with hfr at 1240, CH cow with bull at 1240; Derrylin producer CH cow with bull at 1280; Corrany producer BB cow with bull at 1420; Irvinestown producer SIM cow with hfr at 1310, CH cow with bull at 1300, CH cow with bull at 1350 CH bull at 1280.


Forward lots sold to 202ppk paid for a 516kg CH at 1045, Lighter lots sold from 180-210ppk paid for a CH at 735. Newtown producer CH 600kg at 1120, CH 430kg at 1050, CH 516kg at 1025. Enniskillen producer CH 540kg at 1080, CH 510kg at 1000.

Fat cows

Forward lots sold to 187ppk paid for a 578kg at 1080 and up to at 1280. Enniskillen producer CH 716kg at 1280; Kinawley producer CH 650k at 1220; Florencecourt producer CH 680kg at 1160; Culkey producer CH 750kg at 1125, CH 680kg at 1060; Newtown producer CH 750kg at 135.