Improved prices for cattle at Keady Mart

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Sales at Keady Mart improved on previous week’s prices.

Heifers were an excellent trade with a price per kilo at £231.30 and a £227.10.

A fantastic pen of heifers from a Rathfriland farmer averaging £211.50 per kilo.

There was a fine selection of cattle on offer.

Prices as follows:

Heifers: 560kg, 219.60/100k, £1,230, 575kg, 220.90/100k, £1,270, 605kg, 210.70/100k, £1,275, 400kg, 231.30/100k, £925, 500kg, 224.00/100k, £1,120, 480kg, 227.10/100k, £1,090, 460kg, 215.20/100k, £990, 475kg, 216.80/100k, £1,030, 550kg, 218.20/100k, £1,200.

Steers: 510kg, 223.50/100k, £1,140, 555kg, 218.00/100k, £1,210, 600kg, 217.50/100k, £1,305, 610kg, 216.40/100k, £1,320, 565kg, 215.90/100k, £1,220, 575kg, 215.70/100k, £1,240, 480kg, 213.50/100k, £1,025, 485kg, 213.40, £1,035, 625kg, 208.80/100k, £1,305, 650kg, 206.20/100k, £1,340, 680kg, 201.50/100k, £1,370, 625kg, 212.80/100k, £1,330.

More cattle needed to meet demand of buyers.