Improved trade for sheep at Newtownstewart Mart

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Sheep sale: A good supply of lambs on offer sold to an improved trade.

Alan McFarland 28.7kgs, £94; Paddy McConnell 27kgs, £93.80; Cathal McLaughlin 25.4kgs, £93.50; 26.3kgs, £92; Mrs Mary Devine 27kgs, £92.50; an Omagh farmer 25.9kgs, £92; Peter McFarland 24kgs, £91.50; D McIlwaine 26kgs, £91; D Dunbar 26.9kgs, £91; C McAskie 25kgs, £90; N Coulter 25kgs, £90; 24.25kgs, £88.50; K McNamee 23.8kgs, £89; R S Moore 24.1kgs, £86; David Kee 24.1kgs, £86; S H Stewart 22.25kgs, £82 and Robert Oliver 19.6kgs, £76.50.

Fat ewes sold up to £88.