Keen demand for quality lots at Lisnaskea Mart

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A very keen demand for quality lots on Tuesday, December 6 with many more required to meet a strong demand from buyers local and province wide.


WEANLING STEERS & BULLS Lisnaskea producer 380kg Char to £880, 360kg Char to £830, 320kg Char to £790 and 290kg Char to £720. Lisnaskea producer 400kg Char to £795, 390kg Char to £790 and 350kg Char to £738. Rosslea producer 320kg Char to £765 and 340kg Char to £705. Magheraveely producer 360kg Lim to £722. Maguiresbridge producer 320kg Char to £720 and 260kg Char to £595. Brookeborough producer 360kg AA to £718. Lisnaskea producer 260kg Sim to £680, 280kg Sim to £650 and 270kg Lim to £600. Derrylin producer 310kg AA to £642, 230kg Char to £514, 210kg Lim to £495, 190kg Lim to £450 and 190kg AA to £422. Aghalane producer 270kg Char to £565 and 260kg Char to £530. Garrison producer 170kg Char to £430, 200kg Char to £390 and 150kg Sim to £342.

WWEANLING HEIFERS: Rosslea producer 350kg Char to £762 and 300kg Char to £622. Lisnaskea producer 370kg Char to £735, 370kg Char to £715 and 360kg Char to £650. Lisnaskea producer 330kg Char to £700 and 300kg Char to £622. Lisnaskea producer 360kg Char to £715, 370kg Lim to £700, 330kg Lim to £675, 300kg Lim to £648, 310kg Lim to £632 and 320kg Sim to £550. Brookeborough producer 300kg AA to £630. Aghalane producer 260kg Char to £604, 270kg S/H to £600 and 250kg Char to £588. Maguiresbridge producer 290kg Lim to £600. Lisnaskea producer 270kg Sim to £600, 220kg Lim to £565 and 180kg Sim to £510. Derrylin producer 310kg Lim to £540 and 340kg B/B to £500. Derrylin producer 230kg AA to £520, 190kg AA to £462, 200kg Lims to £450 twice, 200kg Lim to £400, 150kg Lim to £360 and 140kg Char to £335.

STORE BULLOCKS: Lisnaskea producer 640kg Chars to £1185 twice.

STORE HEIFERS: Tamlaght producer 500kg Lim to £995, Derrylin producer 510kg Char to £935, 500kg Char to £842 and 400kg Char to £800.

COWS & CALVES: Kinawley producer £1080 for heifer and bull calf.

More quality lots required weekly.