Lambs sell o £104.50 and store lambs selling to £86.50 at Gortin Mart

Gortin Mart
Gortin Mart

Despite poor weather conditions prices rose on Monday with lambs selling to £104.50, store lambs selling to £86.50 and fat ewes selling to £115.


S Leslie £104.50/27kg, J and H Foster £104/28kg, £104/28kg, Gordan Smyth £103/30kg, Chris McAweaney £103/25kg, Noel Doherty £102.80/25kg, Gordan Smyth £102/28kg, £101/25kg, £100/27kg, Chris McAweaney £99.50/24kg, Glenn Cuddy £96/24kg, S Leslie £96/24kg, E and P Mullan £95/24kg, Glenn Cuddy £93.80/23kg, Gordan Smyth £93.80/23kg, Gordan Smyth £88/22kg, Derek Kerr £88/22kg and Maurice Hamilton £87/21kg.


Preston Farms £86.50, £68, R Moore £75.50, C Daly £73 and A Spence £70.


Noel McIlwaine £115, Paul McCartan £108, Glen Cuddy £104, £98, Preston farms £98, J and H Foster £92, Elaine and Patrick Mullan £90, Patrick Sheerin £90, Noel Doherty £87, L Galbraith £85, Aaron Campbell £85,Richard Sheeran £80.50, E and P Mullan £74, B Douglas £72, J and H Foster £70 and W Campbell £62.