Lambs sell to £83.20 and fat ewes to £76 at Downpatrick Mart

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At the sheep sale on Saturday 21st October at Downpatrick Mart, lambs sold to £83.20 and fat ewes to £76.00. Lighter weight lambs sold to £3.63ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

FAT LAMBS: Raholp farmer 26kg, £83.20, Killinchy farmer 26kg, £82.50, Newcastle farmer 25kg, £82.50, Ballynahinch farmer 25kg, £82.20, Clough farmer 26kg, £81.00, Dundrum farmer 24kg, £80.50, Kilclief farmer 24kg, £79.50, Strangford farmer 24kg, £78.50, Loughkeeland farmer 23kg, £75.50, Drumnaquoile farmer 22kg, £70.00 and Downpatrick farmer 16kg, £58.

FAT EWES: Dromara farmer £78, Kilkeel farmer £75.00 and Strangford farmer £75.

At the Friday night weanling calf sale on the 20th October 2017 there was a very good entry of calves that sold to a top price per head of £815.00 with heifers making to £810 other calves sold to a top price per kg of £2.95 ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

BULLOCKS: Castlewellan farmer 350kg Charolais, £815 (2.33ppk), Ballykinlar farmer 360kg Charolais, £805 (2.26ppk) Burrenreagh farmer 364kg Charolais, £790 (2.17kg) and 336kg Charolais, £780 (2.32ppk) and 318kg Charolais, £760 (2.39ppk) and 336kg Charolais, £760 (2.39ppk) Ballykinlar farmer 340kg Charolais, 755 (2.22ppk), Glassdrummond farmer 376kg Limousin, £730 (1.94ppk), Loughinisland farmer 280kg Charolais, £700 (2.50ppk), Ballykinlar farmer 324kg Limousin, £700 (2.16ppk), Crossgar 298kg Limousin, £700 (2.34ppk), Saul farmer 324kg Limousin, £690 (2.13ppk), Downpatrick farmer 248kg Limousin, £690 (2.88ppk) Strangford farmer 334kg Aberdeen Angus, £680 (2.04pk), Strangford farmer 278kg Limousin, £670 (2.41ppk) and 274kg Limousin, £655 (2.39ppk), and 276kg Limousin, £650 (2.36ppk) Aughlisnafin farmer 274kg Limousin, £645 (2.35ppk) Glassdrummond farmer 336kg Charolais, £640 (1.90ppk), Strangford farmer 254kg Charolais, £630 (2.48ppk), Killyleagh farmer 312kg Hereford, £630 (2.02ppk), Crossgar farmer 288kg Limousin, £625 (2.17ppk) Ardglass farmer 242kg Blonde D’Aquitaine, £620 (2.56ppk) Aughlisnafin farmer 236kg Limousin, £620 (2.62ppk), Ardglass farmer 294kg Charolais, £590 (2.00ppk), Loughinisland farmer 256kg Limousin, £580 (2.27ppk), Glassdrummond farmer 216kg Limousin, £510 (2.36ppk), Ardglass farmer 186kg Blonde D’Aquitaine, £500 (2.69ppk) and 284kg Blonde D’Aquitaine, £450 (1.58ppk).

HEIFERS: Crossgar farmer 298kg Limousin £810 (2.72ppk), Downpatrick farmer 336kg Limousin £805 (2.40ppk), Downpatrick farmer 306kg Limousin £790 (2.27ppk) and Downpatrick farmer 298kg Limousin £775 (2.60ppk) and Downpatrick farmer 276kg Limousin £760 (2.75ppk), Castlewellan farmer 244kg Limousin £720 (2.95ppk), Downpatrick farmer 342kg Aberdeen Angus £705 (2.06ppk), Loughinisland farmer 264kg, £680 (2.56ppk), Ballykinlar farmer 302kg Charolais £670 (2.22ppk) and Ballyward farmer 230kg Limousin £630 (2.13ppk). Ardglass farmer 338kg Limousin £625 (2.19ppk).

At the Monday night cattle sale on 23rd November 2017 there was a very good entry of quality store bullocks and heifers that sold to £2.21ppk and £2.19ppk respectively.

Fat cows made to £1.34ppk.

On the night a Downpatrick farmer received a top price of £1,225 for a Charolais bullock.

Leading categories as follows:

BULLOCKS: Loughinisland farmer 358kg Limousin, £790 (2.21ppk), Burrenreagh farmer 442kg Charolais, £950 (2.15ppk) and 500kg Charolais, £1,070, (2.14ppk) and 414kg, £870 (2.10ppk) and 406kg Charolais, £835 (2.06ppk) and 434kg Saler, £880 (2.03ppk), Bryansford farmer 618kg Limousin, £1,200 (1.94ppk), Legamaddy farmer 520kg Limousin, £1,100 (1.94ppk), Ballyward frarmer 490kg Simmental, £930 (1.90ppk), Ballydrummond farmer 432kg Blonde D’Aquitaine, £805 (1.87ppk), Ballynoe farmer 580kg Blonde D’Aquitaine, £1,065 (1.84ppk), Bryansford farmer 544kg Charolais, £1,010 (1.82ppk) and 498kg Charolais, £905 (1.82ppk), Downpatrick farmer 580kg Blonde D’Aquitaine, £1,065 (1.84ppk) and 594kg Charolais, £1,070 (1.80ppk), Bryansford farmer 516kg Limousin, £930 (1.80ppk), Ballyward farmer 486kg Simmental, £875 (1.80ppk), Downpatrick farmer 702kg Charolais, £1,225 (1.75ppk), Legamaddy farmer 540kg Blonde D’Aquitaine, £940 (1.74ppk), Bryansford farmer 500kg Simmental £895 (1.79ppk) and Ballydrummond farmer 494kg Blonde D’Aquitaine, £875 (1.77ppk), Legamaddy farmer 540kg Blonde D’Aquitaine, £940.

HEIFERS: Hillsborough farmer 354kg Limousin, £775 (2.19ppk), Downpatrick farmer 326kg Charolais, £645 (1.98ppk), Ballydrummond farmer 500kg Charolais, £950 (1.90ppk), Newcastle farmer 616kg Charolais, £1,150 (1.87ppk), Burrenreagh farmer 480kg Charolais, £890 (1.85ppk), Downpatrick farmer 338kg Limousin, £625 (1.85ppk) and Downpatrick farmer 434kg Aberdeen Angus, £730 (1.68ppk).

FAT COWS: Ardglass farmer 910kg Aberdeen Angus, £1,210 (1.33ppk) and 824kg Aberdeen Angus, £1,105 (1.34ppk) and 856kg Aberdeen Angus, £1,080 (1.26ppk) and 802kg Aberdeen Angus, £1,045 (1.30ppk) and Loughinisland farmer 772kg Limousin, £1,000 (1.30ppk) and Legamaddy farmer 702kg Charolais, £915 (1.30ppk) and 772kg Aberdeen Angus, £865 (1.30ppk).