Latest prices from Enniskillen

There was a good entry of quality cattle on offer at Thursday’s sales in Enniskillen. In the bullock ring lightweights sold from 210p to 249p for a Lim 355kg at 885. Mediumweight sold for 210p to 249p for a CH 420kg at 1045. Heavy lots sold from 190p to 227p for a CH 520kg at 1180, and up to 1290 per hd.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 6:09 pm

BULLOCKS: Lisnaskea producer LIM 355kg at 885, CH 450kg at 1090; Leggs producer CH 420kg at 1045, LIM 390kg at 925, CH 430kg at 1020; Enniskillen producer CH 440kg at 1075, CH 450kg at 1090, CH 495kg at 1175 CH 520kg at 1180, CH 510kg at 1155, CH 500kg at 1100; Augher producer CH 510kg at 1120, CH 530kg at 1130; Ballinamallard producer CH 515kg at 1090


In the weanling ring bullocks sold from 600 to 865 for a CH 340kg, heifers sold from 520 to 795 for a CH 314kg

Ruling Price: Belleek producer 310kg CH hfr at 760, 304kg CH bull at 755; Florencecourt producer 355kg LIM bull at 850, 318kg LIM bull at 780; Derrygonnelly producer 312kg CH hfr at 780, 257kg CH steer at 705, 295kg CH ster at 705, 280kg CH steer at 715; Enniskillen producer 287kg Lim hfr at 655, 370kg DAQ bull at 770, 350kg HER bull at 705, 260kg CH hfr at 605, 346k CH bull at 865

Ederney producer 360kg LIM hfr at 750, 219k LIM hfr at 490; Garrison producer 212kg CH hfr at 585, 340kg CH steer at 865, 227kg CH bull at 660, 219kg CH bull at 645, 321kg CH steer at 810, 330kg LIM steer at810, 309kg LIM steer at 735, 363kg LIM steer at 755, 336kg CH hfr at 755, 409kg CH steer at 925, 333 CH steer at 780; Belcoo producer 275kg CH steer at 840, 337kg CH steer at 790, 268kg CH steer at 740; Irvinestown producer 401kg LIM bull at 805, 288kg CH hfr at 630, 245kg CH bull at 700, 266kg CH bull at 750; Letterbreen producer 246kg CH bull at 745, 314kg CH hfr at 795, 297kg CH hfr at 695, 314kg CH hfr at 750; Trillick producer 259kg CH bull at670, 326kg CH bull at 765, 230kg CH hfr at 470; Tempo producer 298kg CH hfr at 705, 261kg LIM hfr at 595; Kesh producer 249kg CH bull at 700, 352kg CH bull at 800

CALVES: Roslea producer CH bull at 415; Lisnaskea producer AA bull at 390; Enniskillen producer CH bull at 320; Springfeild producer CH hfr at 280, AA bull at 260, AA hfr at 220, FR bull at 130; Killadeas producer CH hfr at 260; Ballinamallard producer HRE hfr at 225; Irvinestown producer AA bull at 225, AA bull at 220; Lisbellaw producer HERE bull at 220; Derrygonnelly producer BB hfr at 220, FR bull at 130; Sweartstown producer FR bull at 120, FR bull at 82

SUCKLER COWS: Trillick producer SIM cow with hfr calf at 1490, HER cow with bull at 1350, SIM cow with hfr at 1240: Derrylin producer LIM cow with bull at 1370, LIM cow with hfr at 1290; Florencecourt producer SIM cow with bull at 1140; Trillick producer SIM cow with hfr at 1240; Springfield producer CH cow with bull at 1130; Omagh producer AA cow with bull at 1280


Forward lots sold to 200ppk paid for a 590kg CH at 1180, while medium and light weights sold from 182- 202ppk paid for a 445kg CH at 895. Enniskillen producer CH 590kg at 1180, CH 560kg at 1145; Lisnaskea producer CH 590kg at 1170, CH 560kg at 1100; Tempo producer CH 510kg at 1000, CH 450kg at 950

Fat cows: Enniskillen producer CH 800kg at 1140, CH 680kg at 1025; Lisbellaw producer CH 690kg at 1120; Florencecourt producer CH 740kg at 1090; Springfield producer CH 660kg at 1060