Latest prices from Raphoe

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At the cattle sale in Raphoe on Thursday, 5th April top class bulls over 600 kgs sold for €580 to €1005 over.

Beef bullocks - €670 to €990 over

Store bullocks - €520 to €920 over

Beef heifers - €605 to €880 over

Store heifers - €350 to €755 over

Dry cows - €900 to €1375 each

A good entry of cattle at Raphoe Mart on Thursday and an excellent trade for all stock on offer.

Bullocks sold to €990 over the weight and heifers sold to €880 over.

Cull cows sold to €1375/head

Bullocks sold from €2.20/kg to €3.05/kg

Bulls sold from €2.20/kg to €3.11/kg

Heifers sold from €2.20/kg to €3.25/kg

Dry cows sold from €900/head to €1375/head


Weanling Night Sale on Tuesday 10th April 2018 - intake from 4 p.m. and sale at 7 p.m.

Donegal Friesian Breeders’ Club are holding a heifer sale in Raphoe Mart on Wednesday 18th April 2018. Sale commences at 1 p.m.


Sheep sale every Monday at 11 a.m.

cattle sale every Thursday at 11 a.m.