Latest prices from Hilltown saleyard

On Thursday at Hilltown Farmers Attested Sales fat lambs fetched £89, Store lambs fetched £75 and Fat ewes fetched £117.

Fat Lambs: Kilkeel farmer £89 for 29kg (304ppk). Dromore farmer £89 for 28kg (314ppk). Banbridge farmer £87 for 25.5kg (341ppk). Kilcoo farmer £86.50 for 27kg (320ppk), £80.50 for 23kg (346ppk), £78 for 21kg (371ppk). Kilkeel farmer £83 for 27kg (307ppk), £81 for 22kg (368ppk). Newcastle farmer-£82 for 23kg (351ppk). Gilford farmer-£80 for21kg (373ppk). Dromara farmer-£78.50 for 22.5kg (348ppk). Castlewellan farmer-£76 for 20kg (378ppk).

Store Lambs: Castlewellan farmer £75 for 18kg (400ppk). Annalong farmer £69.50 for 18.5kg (365ppk). Rostrevor farmer £66 for 17.5kg (370ppk). Rathfriland farmer £65.50 for 16.5kg (399ppk).

Fat Ewes: Mayobridge farmer £117. Hilltown farmer £103. Rathfriland farmer £94. Annalong farmer £90.

On Saturday weanling Calf fetched £870 for 320kg- 271ppk.

Most Popular

    Fat Cows: Kilkeel farmers £1360 for 782kg (173ppk), £1110 for 838kg (132ppk). Attical farmer £1020 for 830kg (122ppk). Hilltown farmer £1000 for 702kg (142ppk). Rathfriland farmer £970 for 738kg (131ppk). Burren farmer £940 for 658kg (142ppk).

    Cows & Calves: Kilcoo farmer Cow & Male Calf-£1310. Ballymartin farmer Cow & Male Calf £1150. Kilkeel farmer Cow & Heifer Calf £1110. Attical farmer Cow & Male Calf-£1030.

    Bulls: Rostrevor farmer £1180 for 1004k. Rathfriland farmer £720 for 778kg.

    Weanling Heifers: Killowen farmer £760 for 370kg (205ppk). Annaclone farmer £730 for 358kg (203ppk), £700 for 334kg (209ppk), £725 for 326kg (222ppk). Kilkeel farmer £710 for 306kg (232ppk), £645 for 310kg (208ppk). Castlewellan farmer-£705 for 354kg (199ppk), £630 for 306kg (205ppk). Hilltown farmer £620 for 198kg (313ppk).

    Heifers: Hilltown farmer £1180 for 674kg (175ppk), £1150 for 626kg (183ppk), £1140 for 618kg (184ppk), £1120 for 566kg (197ppk), £1090 for 558kg (195ppk), £1005 for 526kg (191ppk), £990 for 498kg (198ppk), £970 for 500kg (194ppk), £960 for 458kg (209ppk . Kilkeel farmer £1140 for 562kg (202ppk), £1065 for 558kg (190ppk). Castlewellan farmer £980 for 550kg (178ppk).

    Weanling Males: Hilltown farmer £950 for 74kg (254ppk), £940 for 446kg (210ppk), £935 for 482kg (194ppk), £900 for 444kg (202ppk), £880 for 484kg (181ppk), £870 for 320kg (271ppk), £860 for 360kg (238ppk). Killowen farmer £885 for 374kg (236ppk). Kilkeel farmer £730 for 310kg (235ppk).

    Bullocks: Drumgath farmer £1450 for 772kg (187ppk), £1360 for 734kg (185ppk), £1355 for 730kg (185ppk). Hilltown farmer £1420 for 778kg (182ppk), £1400 for 774kg (180ppk), £1350 for 742kg (181ppk), £1230 for 666kg (184ppk, £1200 for 702kg (170ppk), £1185 for 634kg (186ppk), £1175 for 602kg (195ppk), £1100 for 526kg (209ppk). Annalong farmer £1300 for 680kg (191ppk), £1250 for 644kg (194ppk).

    H.F.A.S and the Southern Area Hospice would like to congratulate Hugh Paul Ward from Newcastle on winning the heifer which was kindly donated by Peter Doran, Katesbridge. All proceeds went to Southern area Hospice.