Light weight bullocks sell to £1,005 at Enniskillen Mart

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Large numbers of cattle still coming forward to Thursday’s sales at Enniskillen Mart with a firm trade reported in all six rings.

Light weight bullocks sold from 215 to 276p for a Ch 364kg at £1,005.

Medium weights sold from 210 to 268p for a Ch 408kg at £1,095.

Heavy lots sold fro 190 to 233p for a Ch 508kg at £1,180 and selling up to 140 per head.

BULLOCKS: Magheralin producer Ch 364kg at £1,005, Ch 362kg at £985, Ch 388kg at £1,040, Florencecourt producer Lim 340kg at £915, Ch 346kg at £985, Clogher producer Ch 408kg at £1,095, Ch 422kg at £1,075, Kesh producer Ch 404kg at £1,065, Ederney producer Lim 508kg at £1,185, Aghalane Ch 564kg at £1,280, Trillick producer Ch 506kg at £1,140, Drumcose producer Lim producer 560kg at £1,255.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £700 to £1,100 paid for a 358kg Ch while heifers ranged from £550 to £930 for a 381kg Ch.

Ruling prices: Enniskillen producer 358kg Ch bull at £985, 356kg Ch bull at £985, 354kg Ch bull at £990, 381kg Ch heifer at £930, Ballinamallard producer 246kg Ch bull at £705, 243kg Ch heifer at £685, 232kg Ch heifer at £630, 236kg Ch heifer at £625, Lisnaskea producer 280kg Sim heifer at £725, 324kg Ch steer at £830, 318kg Ch steer at £850, 383kg Ch steer at £900, 253kg Ch heifer at £630, Rosslea producer 343kg Ch steer at £875, 381kg Ch steer at £920, 402kg Ch steer at £930, Kinawley producer 342kg Ch steer at £905, 365kg Ch steer at £965, 301kg Lim steer at £805, Lisbellaw producer 335kg Ch steer at £880, 315kg AA steer at £730, 320kg Ch heifer at £725, 277kg Ch heifer at £690, Magheeranveely producer 322kg Ch heifer at £740, 327kg Ch heifer at £740, 290kg Sim heifer at £685, 309kg Lim heifer at £175, Garrison producer 333kg Ch heifer at £855, 255kg Ch heifer at £690, 342kg Ch steer at £940, 244kg Ch heifer at £680, 211k Ch bull at £700, Kesh producer 307kg Ch steer at £800, 247kg Ch steer at £660, 249g Ch steer at £825, 272kg Ch steer at £10, Omagh producer 276kg Ch bull at £855, 302kg Ch bull at £855, 308kg Ch bull at £880, 317kg Lim bull at £800, Garrison producer 317kg Lim bull at £800, 230kg Lim bull at £800, 46kg Lim bull at £855, 263kg Lim bull at £740.

CALVES: Boho producer Lim heifer at £340, Tamlaght producer BB bull at £335, Newtownbutler producer Lim bull at £330, Drumcose Sim bull at £315, Ch bull at £310, Friesian bull at £100, Florencecourt producer BB heifer at £305, Enniskillen producer Lim bull at £315, Ch bull at £300, Friesian bull at £90, Ballinamallard producer Lim bull at £310, Belcoo producer Ch heifer at £290, Tempo producer BB bull at £290.

SUCKLER COWS: Derrygonnelly producer Ch cow with bull calf at £1,790, Lisnaskea producer Lim cow with bull at £1,550, Ch cow with bull at £1,480, Lisbellaw producer Ch cow with heifer at £1,550, Lim cow with bull at £1,370, AA cow with heifer at £1,290, springing Lim cow at £1,370, springing Lim cow at £1,310, Belcoo producer AA cow with heifer at £1,500.

Heifers: Light weights sold from 200 to 250ppk for a Lim 250kg at £625, medium weights sold from 210 to 242ppk for a Lim 405kg at £980. Forward lots sold from 190 to 233ppk for a Lim heifer 510kg at £1,190.

Bellanaleck producer Lim 510kg at £1,190, Lim 480kg at £1,155, Lim 470kg at £1,000, Ch 540kg at £1,145, Lack producer Ch 400kg at £900, Belcoo producer Sim 405kg at £905, Garrison producer Lim 405kg at £980.

Fat cows: Another tremendous trade in the cow ring for all types, heavy cows sold from 140 to 175ppk for a Ch 738kg at £1290, cow heifer sold from 181 to 207ppk for a Sim 532kg at £1,100. Feeding cows sold from 140 to 159ppk for a Ch 522kg at £830. Fat bulls sold up to £1,460 per head.

Belcoo producer Sim 532kg at £1,100, Irvinestown producer Blonde 450kg at £870, Ballinamallard producer Lim 78kg at £1,105, Leggs producer Ch 738kg at £1,290, Boho producer Lim 626kg at £1,075, Maguiresbridge producer Sim 712kg at £1,175, Kilskeery producer BB 626kg at £1,025, Florencecourt producer Ch 718kg at £1,160.