Lightweight cattle sell to £1095 at Enniskillen Mart

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Another tremendous entry of Fermanagh and Tyrone breed cattle on offer at last Thursday’s cattle sales.

Lightweights sold from 210 to 276 for a Ch 392kg at 1085, mediumweights sold from 205 to 249 for a Ch 440kg at 1095, heavy weights sold from 190 to 226 for a AA 648kg at 1405.

BULLOCKS: Roscor producer Ch 392kg at 1085, AA 648kg at 1405, AA 648kg, 1405, Coa producer Ch 340kg at 900, Kesh producer Ch 332g at 865, Ch 376kg at 960, Garrison producer Ch 446kg at 1095, Lim 440kg at 1070, Augher producer Ch 412kg at 1025, Irvinestown producer Ch 536kg at 1210, Belcoo producer Ch 600kg at 1320, Omagh producer Ch 585kg at 1275.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £680 to £1000 paid for a 394kg Ch, while heifers ranged from £550 to £845 for a 359kg Ch.

Enniskillen producer 320kg Ch heifer at 835, 270kg Ch heifer at 730, 304kg Ch heifer at 760, Garrison producer 317kg Ch bull at 870, 300kg Ch heifer at 790, 394kg Ch steer at 1000, 270kg Ch heifer at 680, 255kg Ch heifer at 640, Ederney producer 283kg Ch heifer at 710, 274kg Ch bull at 820, 277kg Ch bull at 785, Belleek producer 365kg Ch steer at 910, 320kg Ch steer at 875, 321kg Ch steer at 830, 305kg Saler bull at 710, Kesh producer 379kg Saler bull at 825, 326kg Ch hfr at 785, 297kg Ch heifer at 720, 252kg Ch heifer at 650, Belcoo producer 34kg Ch steer at 880, 446kg Lim steer at 1000, 288kg Ch bull at 755, Derrygonnelly producer 375kg Lim bull at 915, 355kg Lim bull at 860, 345kg Lim bull at 900, 395kg Lim bull at 990, Lisnaksea producer 359kg Ch heifer at 815, 329kg Ch bull at 845, 321kg Ch bull at 880, 337kg Ch bull at 885, Newtownbutler producer 237kg Ch bull at 685, 234kg Ch bull at 670, 251kg Ch heifer at 635, Brookeborough producer 333kg Lim bull at 720, 329kg Ch heifer at 755, 338kg Lim bull at 780, Tempo producer 286kg Daq steer at 845, 258kg Daq heifer at 720, 390kg Ch steer at 905, 251kg Lim bull at 680.

CALVES 2 MONTHS: Monea producer Ch bull at 485, Lim bull at 425, Trillick producer Saler heifer at 370, Maguiresbridge producer Sim heifer at 340, Fivemiletown producer Lim heifer at 410.

CALVES: Tamlaght producer BB bull at 315, Tempo producer BB bull at 300, BB heifer at 280, Friesian bull at 80, Florencecourt producer Here bull at 310, Lisnaskea producer AA bull at 300, Springfield producer Here bull at 290, Lisbellaw producer Lim heifer at 280, Fivemiletown producer AA bull at 295, AA heifer at 285, Enniskillen producer AA heifer at 260, Drumclay producer Friesian bull at 90.

SUCKLER COWS: Derrylin producer Ch cow with bull at 1610, Garrison producer BB cow with bull at 1370, Ch cow with bull at 1310, Ballinamallard producer Lim cow with heifer at 1330, Omagh producer Ch cow with heifer at 1170, Irvinestown producer AA cow with heifer at 1070, springing Sim cow at 1290, springing Hereford cow at 1100, Lim bull at 1250, Roscor producer springing Lim cow at 1020.

Heifers: Beef lots sold to 214pk paid for a 600kg Ch at 1280. Medium weights from 190-288ppk paid for a 420kg Ch at 1200.

Newtownbutler producer 600kg Ch at 1280, 555kg Ch at 1170, 520kg Ch at 1100, 490kg Ch at 1050, 535kg Ch at 1155, 560kg Ch at 1150, 530kg Ch at 1135, 525kg Ch at 1120, Irvinestown producer 420kg Lim at 1210, Kesh producer 420kg Ch at 1010, 500kg Ch at 1080, 450kg Ch at 985.

Fat cows: Maguiresbridge producer Friesian bull at 1240, Flourencecourt producer 770kg Ch at 1150, 720kg Ch at 1165, Springfield producer 640kg Lim at 1135, Enniskillen producer 550kg Ch at 1075, Kinawley producer 600kg Ch at 1150, Trillick producer 690kg Ch at 1045, Ballinamallard producer 640kg Ch at 1015, Kesh producer 582kg Ch at 985.