Limousin sells for £1240 at 574kg at Enniskillen Mart

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Another good entry of cattle on offer at Thursday’s sales at Enniskillen.

In the bullock ring light weight bullocks sold from 205 to 230p for a Ch 370kg at 850. Medium weights sold from 190 to 224p for a Ch 420kg at 940. Heavy lots sold from 190ppk to 216ppk for a Ch 574kg at 1240 and selling up to 1240 per head.

BULLOCKS: Kesh producer Ch 370kg at 850, Clabby producer Lim 388kg at 875, Clogher producer Ch 420kg at 940, Lisbellaw producer Lim 500kg at 1085, Lim 574kg at 1240, Blonde 562kg at 1210, Ch 618kg at 1320, Derrygonnelly producer Ch 512kg at 1080kg.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £1150 paid for a 346kg Ch, while heifers ranged from £520 to £780 for a 317kg Ch.

Ruling prices: Enniskillen producer 346kg Ch steer at 1150, 317kg Ch hfr at 780, 260kg Ch hfr at 700, 304kg Ch hfr at 750, 303kg Ch hfr at 735, 301kg Lim hfr at 740, 386kg Lim hfr at 995, 264kg Ch bull at 720, 375kg Ch bull at 900, Kesh producer 238kg Ch hfr at 670, 239kg Ch bull at 720, 305kg Ch hfr at 690, Belleek producer 475kg Ch bull at 980, 306kg Ch hfr at 675, 309kg Lim hfr at 660, Ederney producer 218kg Lim hfr at 525, 230kg Lim hfr at 565, 255kg Lim hfr at 580, 211kg Lim hfr at 540, Derrygonnelly producer 218kg Ch bull at 545, 231kg Ch hfr at 530, 293kg Lim hfr at 630, Derrylin producer 249kg Ch bull at 760, 267kg Ch bull at 690, Monea producer 322kg Lim bull at 760, 289kg Ch bull at 780, Garrison producer 241kg Ch bull at 655, 180kg Ch hfr at 405, 166kg Ch hfr at 435, Newtownbutler producer 371kg Ch hfr at 760, 391kg Ch bull at 735, 253kg Lim hfr at 535. Brookeborough producer 349kg Ch bull at 850, 248kg Ch bull at 660, 325kg Ch bull at 835, Lisnaskea producer 323 Ch bull at 820, 336kg Ch bull at 820, 323kg Ch bull at 835, Trillick producer 360kg Ch hfr at 665, 297kg Ch hfr at 630, 345 Ch bull at 810.

CALVES 2 MONTHS: Ballinamallard producer AA bull at 405, Derrygonnelly producer Ch bull at 390, Kinawley producer Ch bull at 360, Kesh producer Lim hfr at 360, Enniskillen producer Ch bull at 350.

CALVES: Omagh producer Sim hfr at 330, Kesh producer Ch bull at 315, Enniskillen producer Lim bull at 300, BB hfr at 265, Tempo producer Ch bull at 295, Letterbreen producer AA bull at 285, Drumcose producer AA hfr at 290, AA bull at 285, AA bull at 275, Lisnaskea producer Fr bull at 68, Ballinamallard producer Fr bull at 85.

SUCKLER COWS: Omagh producer Sh springing heifer at 1100. Trillick producer Lim springing cow at 1160. Omagh producer Sh springing heifer at 1100 Belleek producer AA springing at 1080. Derrylin producer Lim cow with bull calf at 1280. Enniskillen producer Ch cow with hfr calf at 1100, Sim cow with hfr calf at 1080, Sim cow with hfr calf at 1060.

Heifers: Forward lots sold to 203ppk paid for a 525kg Ch at 1065. While others cleared from 180-221ppk paid for a 330kg Ch at 740.

Enniskillen producer 560kg Ch at 1100, 510kg Ch at 1050, 500kg Ch at 1070, Florencecourt producer 580kg Ch at 1115, 520kg Ch at 1065, 500kg Ch at 1000, Trillick producer 530kg Ch at 1050, Rosslea producer 440kg Ch at 905, Derrylin producer 450kg Ch at 950, Lisnaskea producer 400kg Ch at 850.

Fat cows: Dromore producer Ch 780g at 1000, Culkey producer Ch 780kg at 1050, Ch 730kg at 1000, Belleek producer Ch 750kg at 1000, Coa producer Sim 790kg at 1000, Lisnaskea producer Ch 800kg at 1235, 770kg Ch at 1055, Kinawley producer Ch 760kg at 1020, Newtownbutler Ch 530kg at 950.