Lisahally Mart: Bullocks sell to £1,500 for 740kg

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An excellent turnout of stock sold to a flying trade at Lisahally Mart this week.

Bullocks sold to £1,500 for 740kg, heifers sold to £1,170 for 610kg and fat cows sold to £1,217.20 for 680kg.

BULLOCKS: Donald Sayers £1,500/740kg, £1,470/700kg, £1,470/700kg, Owen McDevitt £1,330/610kg, £1,220/650kg, John Kennedy £1,200/540kg, Jeannie and Michael Flanagan £1,120/530kg, £1105/550kg, £1,100/530kg, Robin Cassidy £1,080/640kg, Owen McDevitt £1,075/500kg, John Kennedy £1,050/500kg, Robert Rutledge £1,045/540kg, S Devine £1,040/440kg, Raymond Snodgrass £1,035/490kg, David Snodgrass £1,035/510kg, John Kennedy £1,030/470kg, Brian McColgan £1,030/480kg, S Devine £1,005/480kg, Owen McDevitt £1,005/570kg, Raymond Snodgrass £990/490kg, £980/530kg, John McMillan £980/490kg, T Conway £975/490kg,£950/500kg, £925/440kg, £900/430kg,Robert Rutledge £950/470kg, £950/470kg, £915/510kg, John Kennedy £955/450kg.

HEIFERS: Robin Cassidy £1,170/610kg, £1,140/590kg, S Farrell £1,085/510kg, £1,080/500kg, Aurara Farms £1,080/490kg, £1,065/500kg, J and M Flanagan £1,045/500kg, £1,020/480kg, William Patterson £1,000/510kg, S Daly £965/450kg, £960/410kg, Robert Blackburn £930/510kg, William Blackburn £890/520kg, Jeannie and Michael Flanagan £1,045/500kg, £1,020/480kg, William Patterson £1,000/510kg, S Kee £965/470kg, £960/440kg, Robert Blackburn £930/510kg, William Buachanan £890/520kg, Aurara Farms £885/470kg.

FAT COWS: Neill Donaghy £1,217.20/680kg, £1,116/720kg, £972/720kg, Owen McDevitt £905.20/620kg, Fiona Pearson £835.20/580kg, John Kennedy £830.80/670kg, £756/600kg.

Prices remain steady on Tuesday. Fat lambs £87.50/24kg, store lambs £75.50, fat ewes £110 and breeding hoggets £152.

FAT LAMBS: Brian Johnston £87.50/24kg, John Kerlin £87/25kg, Camish Farms £86.80/24kg, J Moore £86.80/25kg, Martin Quigley £85.20/23kg, Patrick Brolly £85/23kg, M Gamble £85/23kg, P and A Miller £84.20/22kg, Hugh McGuinness £84.20/24kg, Barney O’Kane £84/22kg, Robert Blackburn £84/21kg,Stuart Parkhill £82.80/23kg, Ruth Hyland 82.50/23kg and £80/22kg, Samuel McBeth £79.50/kg, John Dodds £77.80/22kg Kane £75.50/22kg.

STORE LAMBS: Geofrey Bradley £75.50, Liam Kealey £72, Adam Evans £70, James Donaldson £70, John Millen £67, S Gallagher £67, £65, Robert Goligher £67, S Stevenson £63, Ivor Purcell £61.50, Robert Golligher £60.

FAT EWES: Moore Farms £110, £108, £102, Henry Reilly £98, A McBride £95, S Hall £95/94, A McNulty £86, John Kerlin £79, Andrew Olphert £73, Martin Quigley £72.

BREEDING HOGGETS: John Murray £152, £146, £140, Clive Connell £146, £145, Norman Thompson £124, £120, Deirdre Devine £112, £104, £104, £108, Michael O’Hara £108, £100, T H Scott £108, £108, £106, D Walker £105.