Lisahally Mart: Bullocks selling to £1,240/690kg

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A full yard of stock selling to very high demand.

Bullocks selling to £1,240/690kg, heifers selling to £1,240/630kg and weanlings selling to up to £840.


R and G Mutch £1,240/690kg, £1,220/750kg, £1,220/650kg, £1,210/650kg, £1,170/660kg, £1,150/690kg, £1,145/650kg, £1,105/630kg, £1,100/610kg, £1,100/650kg, Kieran McShane £1,205/610kg, £1,190/630kg, Robert Crawford £1,085/590kg, £1,080/550kg, £1,075/520kg, M McCollum £1,070/520kg, R and G Mutch1065/620kg, £1,050/560kg, £1,050/580kg, £1,040/580kg, H Nicholl £1,015/520kg, P McCollum £1,015/490kg, £995/520kg, £950/540kg, R Crawford £1000/500kg, £950/510kg, £950/510kg, R and G Mutch £970/560kg, £955/590kg, £955/560kg, £955/570kg, L McMurray £940/530kg, Robert Crawford £910/490kg, £900/470kg, H Nicholl £870/430kg and R and P McLaughlin £860/400kg.


Philip McShane £1,240/630kg, £1,180/620kg, £1,110/610kg, P McCollum £1,090/540kg, £1,025/540kg, L McMurray £1,010/480kg, £840/460kg, Jean Sayers £1,000/590kg, R and G Mutch £990/640kg, P McCollum £970/560kg, £910/510kg, £840/510kg, H Nicholl £950/490kg, £930/540kg, £840/480kg, J Sayers £900/550kg, £850/520kg, £820/530kg, £800/500kg andL McMurray £845/540kg.


D Lynch £840/370kg, £820/350kg, £805/390kg, D Crockett £770/380kg, Owen McDevitt £760/320kg, £750/310kg, £705/260kg, £690/290kg, R and P McLaughlin £760/360kg, £695/330kg, C Armstrong £695/350kg, £670, THomas Patton £690/240kg, L McMurray £680/360kg, D Crockett £680/360kg, £670/360kg, T Patton £640/230kg and D Crockett £640/340kg, £630/300kg.

Fat lambs selling to £114 on Tuesday (April 2) with another excellent entry of sheep with a strong trade also for fat ewes selling up to £106.


John McHugh £114/35kg, £108/30kg, £108/25kg, Hugh McGuinness £112.80/34kg, Hugh McNicholl £107.20/28kg, Robert Blackburn £105.80/27kg, Owen McDevitte £105.50/25kg, Seamus Farrell £105.20/26kg, Martin Doherty £105/24kg, £105/24kg, L Millar £105/28kg, Ryan Brolly £104.50/27kg, Ivor Purcell £100/33kg, Craig Hamilton £99/20kg and Seamus Farrell £97/22kg, £88.50/28kg.


K Adair £106, Andrew Olphert £101, Cocharan Boyle £100, Kevin Bryson £100, Ivor Purcell £99, L Miller £96, James Hogg £96, James Ruddy £92, Seamus Farrell £92, K Blair £90, Owen McDevitt £84, £78, John McHugh £80, Terence McCracken £80 and Martin Doherty £74.