Lisahally Mart: Heifers sell to £1,345 for 610kg

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Excellent prices on Wednesday at Lisahally Mart.

An outstanding show of stock with bullocks selling to £1,255 for 630kg, heifers sold to £1,345 for 610kg and fat cows sold to £1,225 for 700kg.

BULLOCKS: Owen McDevitt £1,255/630kg, Kelly Farms £1,269/940kg, D Hood £1,225/610kg, J Smyth £1,200/600kg, Hugh McNicholl £1,190/610kg, Fred Smyth £1,160/590kg, £1,100/530kg, £1,065/560kg, D Smyth £1,150/570kg, Brian Johnston £1,075/540kg, £1,055/530kg, £1050/560kg, £1,030/540kg, £1020/550kg, Kelly Farms £1,025/560kg, £1,020/580kg, M Rutledge £1,000/550kg, £970/520kg, £955/500kg, Patrick Donaghey £995/580kg, £980/560kg, Davis Smyth £990/470kg, M and J McKinley £975/610kg, £970/590kg, Mervyn Townley £960/460kg, £960/500kg, £960/430kg, £955/550kg, Kelly Farms £950/520kg, £945/530kg, £930/540kg, £915/510kg, Thomas Traynor £950/520kg, M O’Neill £930/460kg, John McMillian £920/490kg.

HEIFERS: D Hood £1,345/610, £1,290/560kg, £1,175/550kg, £1,160/540kg, Brendan and Ryan Gormley £1,305/600kg, John McDevitt £1,245/590kg, £1,120/540kg, Samuel Thompson £1,110/530kg, £1,090/500kg, £1,090/530kg, £1,040/540kg, £985/470kg, Jennifer Smyth £1,210/600kg, Samuel Thompson £1,180/560kg, Stephen McCay £1,110/610kg, Brendan and Ryan Gormley £1,025/530kg, Robert Wallace £1,015/520kg,D Hood £1,000/540kg, John McDevitt £975/540kg, G Christie £950/440kg, £940/440kg.

FAT COWS: Samuel McBeth £1,225/700kg, Stewart McCay £895/700kg, Douglas Moore £759/660kg, £756.40/620kg, Ronald Campbell £627/570kg.

Strong weanling prices on Saturday at Lisahally Mart with male calves selling to up to £1,050 and females £920/380kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: John McClelland £1,050/540kg, £1,000/500kg, £930/490kg, £920/470kg, £900/450kg, Robert Scott £980/500kg, £945/480kg, Adam Dunlop £900/430kg, £865/390kg, Violet McClelland £900/450kg, £800/370kg, S and D Whiteside £880/440kg, Robert McClelland £830/420kg, John Griffith £800/380kg, Robert Scott £800/400kg, Jeffrey Baird £770/270kg, J and R Young £755/410kg, John Keys £740/290kg, £740/280kg, Denis McCann £735/290kg, Robert McClelland £730/290kg, John Griffith £730/330kg, Violet McClelland £730/340kg, Jeffrey Baird £725/440kg, J Keys £725/300kg, John Young £715/360kg, John Baxter £715/280kg, £670/20kg, S Devine £705/330kg, Robert Hyndman £700/360kg, William and Raymond £700/260kg, Denis McCann £695/250kg, £670/260kg, John Keys £665/260kg.

WEANLINGS FEMALES: C Farrell £920/380kg, C Dillon £900/360kg, Robert McClelland £765/380kg, Violet McClelland £735/360kg, Adam Dunlop £735/330kg, Denis McCann £75/280kg, £730/270kg, William and Raymond Boyd £700/380kg, £680/280kg, £645/250kg, £635/230kg, Alan Thompson £675/300kg, Robert Scott £670/310kg, R Killen £660/320kg, £630/290kg, J Key £640/60kg, Adam Dunlop £635/300kg, Samuel Milar £630/250kg, Violet McClelland £625/260kg, J and R Young £615/340kg, Edward McLaughlin £600/250kg, R Killen £590/280kg, £590/270kg, Donald Young, £580/210kg.

Prices for sheep remained steady this week at Lisahally Mart.

Fat lambs sold to £81, store lambs sold to £67 and breeding rams £350g.

FAT LAMBS: Joseph Whiteside £81/26kg, A and J Carmichael £80, Alan McMurray £80/26kg, A Hamilton £79/25kg, Kenneth Johnston £78.50/25kg, F hall £77.50/25kg, Joseph Whiteside £77.20/24kg, Alastair Buchanan £77/24kg, Kenneth Johnston £77/25kg, Michael McShane £77/24kg, Stuart Caskie £76.80/24kg.

STORE LAMBS: Peter O’Neill £67, D Smyth £67, John Cuthbert £64.50, Bendan and Ryan Gormley £64.50, Reginald Hamilton £60.

BREEDING RAMS: David Mawhinney 350g,240g, 200g, 200g, 200g, 180g, 170g, 10g, Ronald Scott 270g.