Lisahally Mart: Trade remains strong for suckled calves

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Trade remained firm this week at the Lisahally suckled calf sale.

Prices as follows:


John McWilliams £900/350kg, £880/390kg, £880/410kg, Thomas Irons £900/430kg, £875/410g, £870/380kg, £855/400kg, £850/390kg, £835/380kg, £760/360kg, Brian O’Kane £870/390kg, £850/400kg, £840/380kg, John McClelland £830/390kg, £820/380kg, £810/380kg, £780/400kg, £760/390kg, Robert Devine £775/390kg, Edward Kearney £755/330kg, Brian O’Kane £755/340kg, Thomas Irons £750/370kg.


Henry Reilly £815/430kg, Gareth Hayes £745/360kg, £740/350kg, £730/360kg, £730/360kg, Thomas Irons £740/360kg, £700/370kg, Samuel Miller £705/330kg, Robert Devine £700/320kg, Edward Kearney £700/280kg, Dermot Houston £700/400kg, Brian O’Kane £695/320kg, £695/280kg, Gareth Hayes £690/340kg, £670/280kg, £660/290kg, Thomas Irons £670/330kg.

Lambs remain steady. An excellent show of sheep.

Prices as follows:


Reid Clarke £80/27kg, Edward Logue £80/25kg, Norman Thompson £78.80/29kg, Paul Deeney £77.80/23kg, Ryan Pollock £76.20/25kg, William Knobs £76.20/24kg, Edward Logue £76/26kg, John Halcrow £76/26kg, David Harbinson £75/26kg, John Lynch £75/25kg, A Daly £75/24kg, £74/24kg, D Smyth £73.80/23kg, William Knobbs £73/22kg, Stuart McAleese £72.80/23kg, Edward Logue £72.50/23kg, Patrick Sharkey £72.50/24kg.


Herbert Dixon £69.50, Joseph Whiteside £67.50, C Hall £65, £64, Joseph Whiteside £65, John Lynch £64, William Knobbs £60, Craig Hamilton £57.