Lisnaskea Livestock Sales: Steady demand for a seasonal entry of cattle

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A good steady demand for a seasonal entry of cattle on offer at Lisnaskea Livestock Sales on Tuesday, December 11th.

Plainer lots would be harder to clear.

This week store bullocks sold to £950 and £945 twice.

Store heifers sold to £830 and £820.

Weanling males sold to £910 for a 380kg Charolais (£239) with smaller sorts selling to £665 for a 260kg Charolais (£256).

Weanling females sold to £780 for a 370kg Charolais (£211) with smaller ones to £650 for a 250kg Charolais (£260).

Sample prices as follows:


Fivemiletown producer 540kg Simmental to £950, 370kg Charolais to £790 and 420kg Belgian Blue to £765. Newtownbutler producer 470kg Charolais to £945 and 430kg Charolais to £800. Derrylin producer 470kg Limousin to £945. Lisnaskea producer 510kg Hereford to £920. Lisnaskea producer 490kg Hereford to £850 and 470kg Hereford to £765.


Lisnaskea producer 520kg Hereford to £830, 410kg Hereford to £820, 440kg Simmental to £730 and 350kg Belgian Blue to £670. Derrylin producer 470kg Aberdeen Angus to £800. Lisnaskea producer 450kg Belgian Blue to £710 and 370kg Limousin to £600. Fivemiletown producer 370kg Aberdeen Angus to £700. Derrylin producer 420kg Limousin to £600.


Newtownbutler producer 380kg Charolais to £810 (£239), 290kg Charolais to £825 (£284) and 310kg Charolais to £740 (£239), Magheraveely producer 400kg Charolais to £840 (£210), 330kg Charolais to £765 (£232), 300kg Charolais to £735 (£245) and 260kg Charolais to £665 (£256), Newtownbutler producer 380kg Limousin to £830 (£218) and 340kg Limousin to £710. Macken producer 350kg Charolais to £785. Fivemiletown producer 270kg Charolais to £725 (£268) and 280kg Limousin to £685. Newtownbutler producer 320kg Limousin to £700. Fivemiletown producer 290kg Charolais to £700. Rosslea producer 270kg Limousin to £650. Newtownbutler producer 330kg Aberdeen Angus to £600. Kinawley producer 380kg Hereford to £575, 390kg Aberdeen Angus to £515, 310kg Simmental to £485, 300kg Aberdeen Angus to £440 and 370kg Shorthorn to £430. Derrylin producer 230kg Hereford to £465, 280kg Hereford to £460 and 240kg Hereford to £450.


Macken producer 370kg Charolais to £780, 300kg Charolais to £640 and 280kg Charolais to £600. Derrylin producer 360kg Belgian Blue to £775. Newtownbutler producer 290kg Charolais to £755, 390kg Aberdeen Angus to £720, 310kg Charolais to £710, 300kg Charolais to £650 and 360kg Charolais to £620. Newtownbutler producer 370kg Limousin to £710, 340kg Limousin to £650, 290kg Limousin to £580, 260kg Limousin to £555 and 280kg Limousin to £545. Fivemiletown producer 310kg Charolais to £700. Fivemiletown producer 250kg Charolais to £650 (£260). Newtownbutler producer 350kg Charolais to £660. Newtownbutler producer 230kg Charolais to £575 (£250) 280kg Charolais to £520, 260kg Charolais to £500 and 230kg Charolais to £450. Rosslea producer 240kg Limousin to £590 (£246). Innishmore producer 400kg Friesian to £555.