Lisnaskea Mart: Charolais sells to £1,125 for 550kg

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Another good entry this week in Lisnaskea sold easily to a brisk demand for all sorts and many more could be sold to good advantage.



Brookeborough producer sold a 550kg Charolais to £1,125, 590kg Aberdeen Angis to £1,080, 520kg Limousin to £1,040, 510kg Charolais to £995 and 540kg Charolais to £990. Derrylin producer 500kg Charolais to £770.


470kg Charolais to £890 and 460kg Charolais to £800. Lisnaskea producer 440kg Belgian Blue to £695.


Belcoo producer 330kg Charolais to £750, 300kg Charolais to £720, 360kg Limousin to £685, 280kg Limousin to £610, 310kg Limousin to £600, 270kg Limousins x 3 to £540, 280kg Limousin to £530, 230kg Limousin to £520, 240kg Limousin to £500 and 230kg Limousin to £480. Magheraveely producer 280kg Charolais to £690, 290kg Limousin to £650, 250kg Charolais to £620 and 290kg Limousin to £590. Newtownbutler producer 300kg Charolais to £670, 260kg Charolais to £600 and 300kg Charolais to £550. Cornafanogue producer 340kg Aberdeen Angus to £665, 330kg Aberdeen Angus to £665, 310kg Aberdeen Angus to £615 and 290kg Aberdeen Angus to £520. Lisnaskea producer 300kg Simmental to £550, 300kg Simmental to £540 and 220kg Simmental to £460. Derrylin producer 250kg Aberdeen Angus to £480. Aghalane producer 200kg Limousin to £420, 180kg Aberdeen Angus to £390 and 170kg Aberdeen Angus to £375.


Lisnaskea producer 380kg Charolais to £755, 460kg Charolais to £750, 420kg Charolais to £730, 390kg Charolais to £730, 360kg Charolais to £685 and 380kg Charolais to £665. Newtownbutler producer 270kg Charolais to £535, 250kg Charolais to £510, 250kg Charolais to £505 and 240kg Charolais to £500. Newtownbutler producer 230kg Shorthorn to £470, 270kg Shorthorn to £420, 180kg Shorthorn to £370, 170kg Shorthorn to £340, 180kg Aberdeen Angus to £335 and 140kg Shorthorn to £265. Aghalane producer 210kg Limousin to £450