Lisnaskea Mart: Store heifers sell to £1,050 for 530kg

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Another good entry at Lisnaskea Mart sold to a sharp demand for all classes of stock and many more could be sold to good advantage.



Brookeborough producer 530kg Charolais to £1,050, 510kg Charolais to £950 and 460kg Charolais to £890. Brookeborough producer 540kg Belgian Blue to £945 and 510kg Belgian Blue to £900. Newtownbutler producer 520kg Charolais to £940, 380kg Charolais to £820 and 370kg Charolais to £785. Corranny producer 520kg Charolais to £900 and 520kg Belgian Blue to £860. Lisnaskea producer 460kg Simmental to £860.


Lisbellaw producer 550kg Charolais to £1,030. Newtownbutler producer 530kg Aberdeen Angus to £900. Lisbellaw producer 450kg Hereford to £855.


Newtownbutler producer £1,050 for Aberdeen Angus and £960 for Saler incalf heifers.


Lisnaskea producer 340kg Charolais to £830, 350kg Simmental to £760, 340kg Simmental to £680 and 270kg Simmental to £570. Newtownbutler producer 430kg Limousin to £830, 400kg Aberdeen Angus to £785 and 420kg Hereford to £675. Lisbellaw producer 400kg Limousin to £810, 400kg Charolais to £800, 360kg Limousin to £790, 370kg Charolias to £700, 380kg Charolais to £695 and 340kg Limousin to £570. Rosslea producer 320kg Charolais to £770. Newtownbutler producer 320kg Limousin to £755 and 330kg Charolais to £750. Lisnaskea producer 340kg Limousin to £750, 300kg Limousin to £620, 270kg Limousin to £590 and 260kg Limousin to £535. Newtownbutler producer 320kg Limousin to £665, 260kg Simmental to £590, 250kg Limousin to £575 and 230kg Simmental to £420. Lisnaskea producer 330kg Simmental to £665. Newtownbutler producer 260kg Simmental to £645 and 250kg Simmental to £565. Aghalane producer 260kg Charolais to £640, 220kg Charolais to £545 and 300kg Limousin to £530. Newtownbutler producer 270kg Limousin to £590.


Newtownbutler producer 400kg Charolais to £740. Rosslea producer 350kg Charolais to £735. Lisnaskea producer 380kg Simmental to £640. Newtownbutler producer 240kg Limousin to £600, 240kg Charolais to £520, 220kg Limousin to £485 and 260kg Hereford to £480. Aghalane producer 280kg Charolais to £585.

Lots more stock required to supply a growing demand.