Lisnaskea Mart: Weanling steers and bulls sell to £1,040


Severe weather conditions reduced the numbers this week however trade remains very strong and lots more stock required to meet demand.


Lisnaskea producer sold a 460kg Charolais to £1,040. Derrylin producer 350kg Limousin to £800, 370kg Limousin to £785, 370kg Limousin to £740, 340kg Limousin to £735, 330kg Limousin to £730, 360kg Limousin to £715, 320kg Limousin to £570, 330kg Aberdeen Angus to £550 and 300kg Aberdeen Angus to £500. Lisnaskea producer 390kg Charolais to £800, 400kg Charolais to £755, 350kg Charolais to £665, 240kg Charolais to £430, 230kg Simmental to £400 and 210kg Charolais to £370. Lisnaskea producer 350kg Charolais to £760. Lisnaskea producer 380kg Charolais to £720. Rosslea producer 380kg Simmental to £700, 300kg Limousin to £660, 270kg Limousin to £600, 260kg Limousin to £550, 260kg Limousin to £520 and 290kg Limousin to £500, 370kg Limousin to £685 and 400kg Charolais to £665. Lisnaskea producer 370kg Limousin to £685 and 400kg Charolais to £665.


Lisnaskea producer 410kg Charolais to £710, 330kg Charolais to £655, 310kg Charolais to £650, 300kg Charolais to £645, 340kg Charolais to £620, 320kg Charolais to £615 and 280kg Charolais to £570. Derrylin producer 370kg Limousin to £630. Lisnaskea producer 260kg Charolais to £560 and 250kg Simmental to £370. Lisnaskea producer 310kg Charolais to £520.


Lisbellaw producer heifer and heifer calf to £950 and Aberdeen Angus springer to £880.