Lisnaskea: Store bullocks sell to £970

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A good selection on offer this week at Lisnaskea with a very strong demand reported for quality lots and many more required to meet demand.


STORE BULLOCKS: Derrylin producer 400kg B/B to £970, 440kg AA to £935, 340kg Ch to £885, 380kg Lim to £880, Derrygonnelly producer 430kg Hereford to £835.

STORE HEIFERS: Brookeborough producer 420kg Ch to £938, 380kg Lim to £895 and 380kg Lim to £840. Newtownbutler producer 450kg B/B to £875.

COWS & CALVES: Newtownbutler producer £1,050, £1,000 and £995 for springers, Derrygonnelly producer £1,000 for springer.

WEANLING STEERS & BULLS: Lisnaskea producer 360kg Ch to £875, 260kg Ch to £810 and 290kg Ch to £700. Newtownbutler producer 300kg Ch to £860. Belleek producer 300kg Ch to £820, 310kg Ch to £800, 340kg Sim to £755, 340kg Ch to £745, 220kg Ch to £675, 330kg Sim to £665, 270kg Ch to £630 and 260kg Sim to £610. Maguiresbridge producer 380kg Sim to £818, 380kg Ch to £800, 300kg Ch to £788, 320kg Ch to £760, 280kg Sim to £700, 320kg Sim to £680 and 260kg Sim to £680. Lisnaskea producer 320kg Lim to £814 and 290kg Lim to £760. Lisnaskea producer 330kg Sim to £800. Lisnaskea producer 260kg Ch to £810, Rosslea producer 360kg Ch to £800 and 310kg Lim to £785. Belcoo producer 270kg AA to £775 and 250kg AA to £710. Lisnaskea producer 330kg AA to £745 and 280kg Lim to £740. Lisnaskea producer 320kg Lim to £685, 270kg Ch to £595 and 280kg Lim to £560. Boa Island producer 300kg Lim to £595. Belleek producer 200kg Ch to £555. Macken producer 160kg Ch to £538 and 200kg Ch to £450. Lisnaskea producer 150kg Ch to £475.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Rosslea producer 330kg Ch to £802 and 320kg Ch to £770. Lisnaskea producer 300kg Ch to £750, 290kg Ch to £670, 220kg Ch to £605, 250kg Ch to £535, 250kg Ch to £530 and 240kg Ch to £530. Lisnaskea producer 380kg Sim to £740 and 260kg Lim to £545. Belleek producer 290kg Ch to £665 and 240kg Ch to £580. Brookeborough producer 340kg Ch to £640 and 280kg Ch to £630. Lisnaskea producer 320kg AA to £630. Belleek producer 290kg Sim to £600. Fivemiletown producer 270kg Ch to £632. Lisnaskea producer 250kg Ch to £565 and 250kg Ch to £545. Rosslea producer 220kg Ch to £545, 210kg Lim to £490, 200kg Ch to £420, 180kg Ch to £400, 170kg Ch to £385 and 150kg Sim to £370.

More quality lots required to meet a growing demand.