Markethill Mart: Dairy stock sells to a top price of £2,040

Markethill Mart
Markethill Mart

Dairy stock sold to a top of £2,040 at Markethill on Tuesday 20th February paid for a calved Friesian heifer from a Stewartstown farmer and an Aghalee farmer sold a red and white Holstein calved heifer at £1,680 and a Ballinderry farmer sold three calved heifers at £1,460, £1,350 and £1,200 each.

150 cull cows sold in a steady demand with beef bred cows sold from £130 to £163 per 100k for 728k Charolais at £1,185 from a Richhill farmer followed by £160 per 100k, 770k Hereford at £1,235 from a Keady farmer.

Fleshed Friesian cows sold steadily from £115 to £133 per 100k paid for 808k Friesian at £1,075 from a Newry farmer.

Several Friesian cows sold from £950 to £1,100 each with a top price of £1,145 for 870k Friesian (£131 per 100k) from a Dromara farmer.

Second quality Friesian cows selling from £90 to £105 per 100k and the poorest types from £70 to £85 per 100k.

150 calves continued to sell in a very firm demand.

Good quality bull calves sold to a top of £370 for a four week old Belgian Blue from a Richhill producer.

All good quality bulls sold from £230 to £360 each.

Heifer calves sold to £305 for a Charolais heifer from a Cullyhanna farmer.

All good quality heifers from £190 to £305 each.

Reared heifer calves sold from £420 to £620 each and reared bulls from £470 to £570 each.


Richhill producer 728k, £1,185, £163/100k; Keady producer 770k, £1,235 £160/100k; Aughnagurgan producer 622k, £995, £160/100k; Castlewellan producer 514k, £805, £157/100k; Cullyhanna producer 606k, £925, £153/100k; Aughnagurgan producer 734k, £1,115, £152/100k; Cullyhanna producer 576k, £845, £147/100k; Armagh producer 594k, £865, £146/100k; Cullyhanna producer 584k, £835, £143/100k.


Newry producer 808k, £1,075, £133/100k; Dromara producer 876k, £1,145, £131/100k; Newtownhamilton producer 664k, £835, £126/100k; Kilkeel producer 820k, £1,025, £125/100k; Dromara producer 908k, £1,135, £125/100k; Kilkeel producer 794k, £985, £124/100k; Annalong producer 770k, £945, £123/100k; Armagh producer 716k, £875, £122/100k; Keady producer 662k, £805, £122/100k.


Simmental £370: Charolais £360; Belgian Blue £350; Charolais £320; Belgian Blue £310; Belgian Blue £305; Aberdeen Angus £235.


Charolais £305; Hereford £305; Charolais £305; Aberdeen Angus £285; Belgian Blue £275; Belgian Blue £270; Aberdeen Angus £275; Aberdeen Angus £250.