Markethill Mart: Easier trade for fat lambs

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An entry of 1,600 sheep at Markethill Mart on Wednesday 30th August sold in an easier trade for fat lambs.

Store lambs continued to sell in a very firm demand.

Cull ewe prices were also eased.

Breeding sheep returned a firmer demand.

1,140 lambs sold in an easier demand.

Heavy lambs sold steadily from £84 to a top of £88 each paid for 17 lambs at 25.6 kilos 344p per kilo. Main demand from 325p to 340p per kilo.

Middleweight lambs sold to a top of 365p for 16 lambs weighing 20.4 kilos. £74.50 each. All suitable pens sold from 340p to 358p per kilo.

Light store lambs sold to 424p per kilo for 27 lambs at 15.8 kilos at £67 each for a Kilkeel farmer.

Stronger store lambs sold to 389p per kilo for 17.5 kilos at £68 each from a Mullaghbawn farmer.

Main demand sold for good quality stores sold from 350p to 390p per kilo.

Good quality cull ewes sold from £60 to £80 each.

Second quality from £40 to £55 each.

Breeding hoggets sold to a top of £155. Several pens from £128 to £150.

Rams sold to a top of £400 for a shearling Texel.

Others sold at £215, £205 and £195.

HEAVY LAMBS: Newtownhamilton farmer: 25.6k, £88, 344p; Warrenpoint farmer: 25k, £85, 340p; Loughgall farmer: 25.2k, £85, 337p; Markethill farmer: 26.3k, £87, 331p; Cappagh farmer: 26k, £84.50, 325p.

MIDDLEWEIGHT LAMBS: Mullabawn farmer: 20.4k, £74.50, 365p; Cappagh farmer: 20.4k, £73, 358p; Darkley farmer: 21k, £75.50, 359p; Newtownbutler farmer: 21k, £75, 355p; Armagh farmer: 20.5k, £73, 356p; Belleeks farmer: 20.5k, £73, 356p; Keady farmer: 20.4k, £72.50, 355p; Poyntzpass farmer: 21.3k, £75, 352p; Moy farmer: 20.9k, £74, 354p.

STORE LAMBS: Kilkeel farmer: 15.6k, £67, 424p; Draperstown farmer: 15.3k, £64, 418p; Poyntzpass farmer: 16.2k, £66.50, 410p; Poyntzpass farmer: 16.4k, £67, 409p; Lislea farmer: 15.7k, £63.50, 405p; Katesbridge farmer: 16.2k, £64, 395p; Poyntzpass farmer: 17.4k, £68.50, 394p; Mullabawn farmer: 17.5k, £68, 389p; Belleeks farmer: 18k, £69, 383p; Poyntzpass farmer: 15.4k, £59, 383p; Belleeks farmer: 17.8k, £68, 382p; Camlough farmer: 14.8k, £56, 378p.