Markethill Mart: Firm demand for all types of sheep

Markethill Mart
Markethill Mart

An entry of 1,450 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday 21st February continued to sell in an exceptionally firm demand.

Heavy hoggets sold to a top of £111.50 paid for 26.7 kilos at 418p per kilo from a Tandragee farmer.

Several pens sold from £107 to £110 each.

All top quality heavies sold from 390p to 418p paid for 24.5 kilos at £102.50 from a Markethill farmer.

The entire entry of 350 heavy hoggets sold on an average price of £103.80 each.

Good quality middleweights sold to a top of 430p per kilo for 22.8 kilos at £98 each from a Keady farmer followed by 427p for 22 kilos at £94 each from a Bessbrook farmer.

All good middleweights sold from 395p to 424p per kilo.

Good quality stores sold from 390p to 456p per kilo for 17 kilos at £77.50 each.

Stronger stores to 424p for 19.8 kilos at £84 each.

Good quality cull ewes sold from £75 to £99 each.

Second quality from £50 to £70 each.

Doubles sold from £160 to £215 each and good quality singles from £120 to £150 each.


Markethill farmer: 24.5k, £102.50, 418p; Tandragee farmer: 26.7k, £111.50, 418p; Dungannon farmer: 25k, £103, 412p; Newtownhamilton farmer: 26.3k, £108, 411p; Mayobridge farmer: 24k, £98, 408p; Collone farmer: 24.5k, £100, 408p; Armagh farmer: 26.4k, £106.50, 403p; Markethill farmer: 25.9k, £103, 80, 401p.


Keady farmer: 22.8k, £98, 430p; Bessbrook farmer: 22k, £94, 427p; Dungannon farmer: 20.5k, £87, 424p; Collone farmer: 23.8k, £100, 420p; Loughgilly farmer: 23.1k, £97, 420p; Armagh farmer: 22k, £92, 418p; Banbridge farmer: 21.9k, £91.50, 418p.


Loughgilly farmer: 17k, £77.50, 456p; Newry farmer: 14.7k, £63, 429p; Mullabawn farmer: 19.8k, £84, 424p; Armagh farmer: 19.9k, £83.50, 419p; Portadown farmer: 12.2k, £51, 418p; Donaghmore farmer: 17.5k, £73, 417p; Keady farmer: 15.2k, £63, 414p; Ballyriney farmer: 17.4k, £72, 414p; Dungannon farmer: 19.4k, £80, 412p.