Markethill Mart: Heavy cows sell to £1,555 for Limousin

Markethill Mart
Markethill Mart

An entry of 230 cull cows at Markethill on Tuesday 23rd January sold in a steady trade with cow heifers selling from 170 to 180 per 100k for 640k Limousin at £1,155 followed by 170 for 660k at £1,125.

Heavy cows sold to 172 per 100k for 900k Limousin at £1,555.

All good beef bred cows sold from 135 to 168p per 100k.

Good quality Friesian cows sold from 110 to 125 per 100k for 640k at £805.

Second quality Friesians sold from 90 to 105 per 100k and poorest quality from 65 to 85 per 100k.

115 lots in the calf ring with bull calves under six weeks old selling from £230 to £320 for three week old Simmental.

Stronger bull calves sold from £400 to £550 for six month Aberdeen Angus.

Good quality heifer calves under six weeks old sold from £200 to £285 with a top of £400 for a six week old Hereford heifer.

Stronger heifer calves sold to £495 for eight week old Charolais.

Dairy stock sold to a top of £1,500 for a calved heifer from a Caledon farmer.

A Markethill farmer received £1,200 for a calved second calver for an Ayrshire.

In calf heifers sold to £1,080 for a Swedish Red for a Poyntzpass farmer


Richhill farmer 640k, £1,155, 180p/k, Crossmaglen farmer 902k, £1,555, 172p/k, Richhill farmer 662k, £1,125, 170p/k, 736k, £1,235, 168p/k, Cladymore farmer 658k, £1,055 160p/k, Crossmaglen farmer 854k, £1,335, 156p/k, Markethill farmer 650k, £1,005, 155p/k, Banbridge farmer 838k, £1,235, 147p/k, Newtownhamilton farmer 702k, £1,025, 146p/k, Scarva farmer 786k, £1,145 146p/k.


Keady farmer 640k, £805, 126p/k, Dromara farmer 690k, £865, 125p/k, 596k, £725, 122p/k, Annaclone farmer 668k, £795, 119p/k, Armagh farmer 594k, £705, 119p/k, Newtownhamilton farmer 746k, £885, 119p/k, Keady farmer 696k, £825, 119p/k, Aghalee farmer 686k, £805, 117p/k, Newtownhamilton farmer 790k, £925, 117p/k.


£320 Simmental: £285 Simmental, £280 Simmental, £270 Simmental, £265 Aberdeen Angus, £260 Aberdeen Angus, £260 Belgian Blue.


£400 Hereford, £285 Limousin, £265 Belgian Blue, £265 Belgian Blue, £250 Belgian Blue, £245 Belgian Blue, £230 Limousin, £205 Belgian Blue.