Markethill Mart: Heavy hoggets sell steadily from £100 to £109.50 each

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An entry of 1,220 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday, January 23rd sold in a noticeably stronger trade.

Heavy hoggets sold steadily from £100 to £109.50 each paid for 27 kilos with the entire entry of 500 heavy hoggets averaging 25.8 kilos at £104 each 403p per kilo.

Top rate for heavy hoggets sold at 423p per kilo for 24.6 kilos at £104 from a Tynan farmer followed by 422p per kilo for 25 kilos at £105 each from a Portadown producer.

Main demand for good quality heavy hoggets sold from 395p to 420p per kilo.

Good quality middleweight hoggets sold to 464p per kilo for 22 kilos at £102 each from a Rostrevor farmer followed by 449p per kilo for 20.5kilos at £92 from a Rostrevor farmer.

All good quality middleweight hoggets sold from 410p to 437p per kilo with the entire entry of 480 middleweight hoggets averaging 22.5 kilos at £95.20 each 422p per kilo.

Store hoggets sold in easily the best demand this season to a top of 481p per kilo for 23 hoggets weighing 18 kilos at £86.50 each from a Warringstown farmer. All good quality stores sold from 420p to 475p per kilo.

A smaller entry of cull ewes sold to a top of £105 each.

All good quality heavy ewes from £80 to £99 each.

Doubles sold to a top of £212 each with others from £180 to £210.

Singles sold to £172 each.


Tynan farmer: 24.6k, £104, 423p; Portadown farmer: 25k, £105.50, 422p; Armagh farmer: 24.1k, £101.50, 421p; Newtownhamilton farmer: 24.5k, £103, 421p; Tynan farmer: 24.7k, £103, 417p; Poyntzpass farmer: 25k, £104, 416p; Foley farmer: 25k, £103.80, 415p and Armagh farmer: 26.1k, £108.20, 415p.


Rostrevor farmer: 22k, £102, 464p; Rostrevor farmer: 20.5k, £92, 449p; Poyntzpass farmer: 20.5k, £89.50, 437p; Tandragee farmer: 23k, £99.50, 433p; Poyntzpass farmer: 22.9k, £99, 432p; Glenanne farmer: 20.5k, £88.50, 432p; Poyntzpass farmer: 21k, £90.50, 431p; Loughgilly farmer: 23k, £99, 430p; Bessbrook farmer: 22.4k, £96, 429p and Clare farmer: 20k, £85.50, 428p.


Waringstown farmer: 18k, £86.50, 481p; Coalisland farmer: 11.5k, £55, 478p; Corbet farmer: 19k, £90, 474p; Poyntzpass farmer: 18.4k, £86, 467p; Loughbrickland farmer: 19.3k, £90, 466p; Coalisland farmer: 17.7k, £82.50, 466p; Jerrettspass farmer: 14.2k, £65, 458p; Rostrevor farmer: 14k, £64, 457p and Poyntzpass farmer: 19.5k, £89, 456p.