Markethill Mart: Heavy hoggets sell to a top of £118 each

Markethill Mart
Markethill Mart

An entry of 1,400 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday 28th March sold in a slightly easier trade for fat hoggets.

Cull ewe trade and breeders maintained their recent prices.

Heavy hoggets sold to a top of £118 each.

Several pens sold from £105 to £115 each.

Top rate of 452p was paid for 25 kilos at £113 each followed by 444p per kilo for 24.8 kilos at £110 each.

Main demand sold from 415p to 442p per kilo.

Good quality middleweight hoggets sold from 440p to a top of 478p per kilo for 23 kilos at £110 each.

Another large entry of cull ewes sold in a firm demand.

First quality ewes sold from £80 to £114 each.

Plainer ewes sold from £50 to £70 each.

The largest entry of ewes and lambs so far this year sold in a steady demand with good quality doubles sold to a top of £202 each.

Main demand from £160 to £200 each.

Singles sold to a top of £172 with several more from £140 to £160 each.


Upper ballinderry 25k, £113, 452p; Portadown farmer: 24.8k, £110, 444p; Mullabawn farmer: 26.7k, £118, 442p; Glenanne farmer: 24.4k, £107.50, 441p; Glenanne farmer: 24.2k, £105.50, 436p; Banbridge farmer: 24.8k, £107.50, 433p; Armagh farmer: 24.5k, £105, 429p and Newry farmer: 28.4k, £120, 422p.


Bessbrook farmer: 23k, £110, 478p; Moira farmer: 22k, £104, 473p; Tullyroane farmer: 22.8k, £103.50, 454p; Armagh farmer: 21.7k, £98.50, 454p; Newtownhamilton farmer: 23.1k, £104, 450p; Armagh farmer: 23.6k, £105.50, 447p; Portadown farmer: 23.5k, £105, 447p; Cullyhanna farmer: 21.1k, £94, 446p; Collone farmer: 21.4k, £95, 444p and Camlough farmer: 23k, £102, 443p.