Markethill Mart: Heavy lambs sell steadily from £84 to £89 each

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An entry of 1,730 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday 15th November sold in a further improved trade for both fat lambs and stores.

Heavy lambs sold steadily from £84 to £89 each with a top of £91 paid for 26.8 kilos.

Top rate of 363p was paid for 24 kilos at £87 followed by 354p for 24 kilos at £85 each.

Main demand for heavy lambs from 330p to 350p per kilo.

Good quality middleweight lambs sold steadily from 350p to 371p for 20.5 kilos at £76 followed by 369p for 22.5 kilos at £83 each.

Light store lambs sold to a top of 473p for 15 kilos at £71 each followed by 437p per kilo for 39 lambs weighing 12.6 kilos at £55 each.

Stronger store lambs sold to 397p per kilo for 16 lambs weighing 17.5 kilos at£69.50 each for a Mayobridge farmer.

Good quality cull ewes sold from £65 to £77 each.

Poorer quality ewes sold from £45 to £58 each.


Armagh farmer: 24k, £87, 363p; Belleeks farmer: 24k, £85, 354p; Tynan farmer: 24.3k, £85, 350p; Tandragee farmer: 25k, £87, 348p; Armagh farmer: 25k, £86.80, 341p; Drumcrow farmer: 25.6k, £88.50, 346p; Armagh farmer: 24.3k, £84, 346p; Mullaghbawn farmer: 24k, £82.50, 344p; Collone farmer: 24.3k, £83.50, 344p.


Portadown farmer: 20.5k, £76, 371p; Crossmaglen farmer: 22.5k, £83, 369p; Armagh farmer: 23k, £84.80, 369p; Newtownhamilton farmer: 20.4k, £75, 368p; Portadown farmer: 23k, £84.50, 367p; Jerrettspass farmer: 20.7k, £76, 367p; Tassagh farmer: 20k, £73, 365p; Portadown farmer: 20.4k, £74, 363p.


Markethill farmer: 15k, £71, 473p; Galbally farmer: 12.6k, £55, 437p; Markethill farmer: 14.5k, £63, 435p; Galbally farmer: 10.7k, £46, 430p; Loughgilly farmer: 15.2k, £64, 421p; Galbally farmer: 17.2k, £70, 407p; Loughgilly farmer: 13.9k, £56, 403p; Newtownhamilton farmer: 16.7k, £67, 401p; Mayobridge farmer: 17.5k, £69.50, 397p.