Markethill Mart: Heifers sell to £1,325

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An entry of 600 cattle in Markethill on Saturday 23rd June sold in a steady trade in all rings.

The 210 heifers maintained their recent prices with good quality heavy heifers selling readily from £200 to £231 per 100k, paid for a 570k Charolais at £1,325 from a Ballynahinch farmer, followed by £228 for 570k Limousin heifer at £1,310 from a Belleeks farmer.

Good quality Aberdeen Angus heifers sold to £210 for 504k at £1,060 from a Banbridge producer.

Good quality midweight heifers sold steadily from £200 to £229 per 100k for 412k Charolais at £945 for a Keady farmer followed by £222 for a 486k Limousin heifer at £1,080 from a Newry producer.

Light heifers sold to a top of £250 per 100k for 340k Belgian Blue at £850 from a Sixmilecross farmer.

The 160 bullocks sold in a steady trade with good quality heavy bullocks selling from £200 to £226 per 100k for 570k Limousin at £1,290 from a Benburb producer.

Top price of £1,470 for 690k Charolais (212) from a Dungannon farmer.

Several bullocks made from £1,350 to £1,460 each.

Good quality midweight steers sold from £200 to £218 per 100k for 410k Limousin at £895 from a Milford producer.

An increased entry of 200 weanlings sold in a very strong demand.

Good quality light heifers sold from £220 to £302 per 100k for 232k at £700.

Stronger heifers sold to £272 per 100k for 338k Charolais at £920 from a Richhill farmer, followed by £264 per 100k for 312k Charolais at £825 from a Richhill farmer.

Light male weanlings sold from £220 to £260 per 100k for 250k at £650 from a Loughgall farmer.

Stronger males sold from £230 to £267 for 360k £965 for a Richhill farmer, followed by £265 for 374k at £990 for a Richhill farmer.

Lightweight heifers

Sixmilecross producer 340k, £850, 250p/k; 348k, £800, 230p/k; Tandragee producer 362k, £800, 221p/k; Keady producer 344k, £740, 215p/k; Portadown producer 394k, £845, 214p/k and Tandragee producer 340k, £730, 214p/k.

Midweight heifers

Keady producer 412k, £945, 229p/k; Dromintee producer 486k, £1,080, 222p/k; Enniskillen producer 490k, £1,060, 216p/k; 496k, £1,070, 216p/k; Moira producer 492k, £1,050, 213p/k; Enniskillen producer 464k, £980, 211p/k; Keady producer 466k, £975, 209p/k and Portadown producer 486k, £1,015, 209p/k.

Heavy heifers

Ballynahinch producer 574k, £1,325, 231p/k; Belleeks producer 574k, £1,310, 228p/k; Dromintee producer 574k, £1,295, 226p/k; Ballynahinch producer 568k, £1,270, 224p/k; Cullyhanna producer 692k, £1,545 223p/k; Rathfriland producer 532k, £1,170, 220p/k; 512k, £1,125, 220p/k; Collone producer 590k, £1,295, 219p/k and Cullyhanna producer 650k, £1,425, 219p/k.

Midweight bullocks

Milford producer 410k, £895, 218p/k; Lurgan producer 462k, £960, 208p/k; Armagh producer 486k, £1,000, 206p/k; Castlewellan producer 486k, £995, 205p/k; Keady producer 490k, £990, 202p/k and Mayobridge producer 476k, £955, 201p/k.

Heavy bullocks

Benburb producer 572k, £1,290, 226p/k; Kilcoo producer 582k, £1,290, 222p/k; Crossmaglen producer 614k, £1,350, 220p/k; Collone producer 614k, £1,345, 219p/k; Dungannon producer 642k, £1,400, 218p/k; 674k, £1,460, 217p/k; 692k, £1,470, 212p/k; Benburb producer 610k, £1,320, 216p/k and Dromara producer 664k, £1,430, 215p/k.