Markethill Mart: Hoggets sell to a top of £109.50

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An entry of 1,550 sheep on Wednesday, Januuary 30th continued to sell in a very firm trade.

The 1,320 hoggets sold to a top of £109.50 each with several pens from £104 to £108 each.

Top quality heavy hoggets sold from 400p to 424p per kilo for 25 kilos at £109 each. The entire entry of 550 heavy hoggets averaged 26kgs at £102.50 (393).

Good quality middleweights sold from 410p to 440p per kilo for 20.9 kilos at £92 each, followed by 436p per kilo for 21.8 kilos at £95 each.

Stores sold to 455p per kilo for 13.4 kilos at £61 each, followed by 452p per kilo for 18.7 kilos at £84.50 each.

Main demand sold from 400p to 448p per kilo.

Good quality cull ewes sold from £70 to £90 each.

Doubles sold from £170 to £200 each.


Dromara farmer: 25.7k, £109, 424p; Aghalee farmer: 24.5k, £102, 416p; Moy farmer: 26.2k, £109, 416p; Tynan farmer: 24k, £99.50, 415p; Newtownhamilton farmer: 24k, £99, 413p; Richhill farmer: 24.6k, £101, 411p; Lurgan farmer: 25.7k, £105.50, 411p; Lurgan farmer: 25.6k, £105, 410p; Richhill farmer: 26.3k, £107.50, 409p and Tandragee farmer: 25.7k, £105, 409p.


Kilkeel farmer: 20.9k, £92, 440p; Glenanne farmer: 21.8k, £95, 436p; Moy farmer: 22.5k, £97, 431p; Markethill farmer: 23k, £99, 430p; Tynan farmer: 20.6k, £88, 427p; Glenanne farmer: 21k, £89.50, 426p; Lurgan farmer: 22.6k, £96.20, 426p; Newtownhamilton farmer: 23.6k, £100, 424p and Magheralin farmer: 22.5k, £95, 422p.


Richhill farmer: 13.4k, £61, 455p; Loughbrickland farmer: 18.7k, £84.50, 452p; Cabra farmer: 19.4k, £87, 448p; Armagh farmer: 18k, £80, 444p; Armagh farmer: 17.3k, £74, 428p; Kilkeel farmer: 17.2k, £73, 424p; Kilkeel farmer: 18.3k, £77.50, 424p; Armagh farmer: 18.1k, £76.50, 423p and Keady farmer: 19.7k, £83, 421p.