Markethill Mart: Light lambs sell to £119 each

An entry of 750 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday 6th June sold in a much firmer demand with lamb prices increased by £10 to £15 per head on the week.

Light lambs sold to a top of 529p per kilo for 22.5 kilos at £119 each followed by 522p for 23 kilos at £120 each.

Main demand from 480p to 515p per kilo.

Heavy lambs sold to a top of 549p per kilo for 23.3 kilos at £128 each.

Top price of heavy lambs £138 for 28.5 kilos at 484p. All good quality heavy lambs sold from 450p to 485p per kilo.

Cull ewe trade was steady with good quality ewes from £70 to a top of £108 each.

Second quality ewes from £50 to £70 each.

Ewes and lambs sold in a steady demand.

Doubles sold to £200 and singles to £175 each.


Collone farmer: 24k, £118, 492p; Armagh farmer: 28.5k, £138, 484p; Bessbrook farmer: 24k, £116, 483p; Armagh farmer: 24.2k, £116, 479p; Richhill farmer: 24k, £115, 479p; Belleeks farmer: 24.3k, £115, 473p; Caledon farmer: 25k, £118, 472p and Dorsey farmer: 27.5k, £126.50, 460p.


Poyntzpass farmer: 23.3k, £128, 549p; Richhill farmer: 20.4k, £109.50, 537p; Dorsey farmer: 22.5k, £119, 529p; Tassagh farmer: 23k, £120, 522p; Armagh farmer: 22k, £114, 518p; Armagh farmer: 20.5k, £106, 517p; Richhill farmer: 20.5k, £105, 512p; Markethill farmer: 20.6k, £105.50, 512p and Loughgilly farmer: 22.5k, £114.50, 509p.