Massive entry of 1,425 cattle at Clogher Mart

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Another massive entry of 1,425 cattle on offer at Clogher Mart sold to a very keen demand especially for quality lots in all sections.

In the fatstock ring (507 lots listed) beef cows sold to £227 per 100kg for a 750kg Belgian Blue totalling (£1,702.50) others sold to £205 for a 730kg Limousin. £200 for a 780kg Charolais and £195 for a 580kg Limousin.

Cow heifers topped £216 for a 580kg Limousin (£1,252.80) others to £215 for a 570kg Limousin, £212 for a 580kg Limousin and £207 for a 490kg Limousin.

Fleshy Friesian cows sold to £134 per 100kg top twenty average for cows and cow heifers increased to £195 per 100kg.

LEADING PRICES IN THIS SECTION: Fivemiletown producer 750kg Belgian Blue to £227 and 580kg Belgian Blue to £193. Armagh producer 580kg Limousin to £216, 580kg Limousin to £212, 500kg Limousin to £203 and 640kg Limousin to £193. Derrylin producer 570kg Limousin to £215. Tempo producer 490kg Limousin to £207. Seskinore producer 730kg Limousin to £205. Beragh producer 780kg Charolais to £200 and 680kg Limousin to £190. Clogher producer 530kg Belgian Blue to £195, 510kg Charolais to £193, 490kg Blonde D’Aquitaine to £192, 530kg Limousin to £191 and 460kg Simmental to £191. Castlederg producer 590kg Limousin to £195. Birches producer 510kg Limousin to £193. Maguiresbridge producer 640kg Aubrac to £189.

Other quality lots sold from £140 to £187 per 100kg.

Second quality lots sold from £114 to £136 per 100kg.

Well fleshed Friesian cows sold from £126 to £134 per 100kg.

Plainer lots sold from £88 to £111 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £58 to £82 per 100kg.

FAT BULLS: Newry producer 800kg Belgian Blue to £160. Newtownbutler producer 890kg Limousin to £153. Omagh producer 820kg Limousin to £149. Portadown producer 560kg Shorthorn to £145. Castlederg producer 1,040kg Aberdeen Angus to £144. Lisnaskea producer 1,080kg Limousin to £144. Ballygawley producer 840kg Limousin to £140. Armagh producer 1,090kg Simmental to £138. Cookstown producer 640kg Belted Galloway to £105.

FAT STEERS (overage): 540kg Limousin to £203. 670kg Belgian Blue to £196. 620kg Belgian Blue to £195. 470kg Fleckvieh to £193. 610kg Belgian Blue to £187. 430kg Ayrshire to £184. 890kg Aberdeen Angus to £183. 700kg Aberdeen Angus to £162. 560kg Montbeliarde to £128. Friesians sold from £116 to £124 per 100kg.

FAT STEERS (underage): 750kg Limousin to £214. 600kg Hereford to £195. 590kg Limousin to £192. 750kg Limousin to £192. 700kg Limousin to £188. 500kg Charolais to £183. 410kg Friesian to £169. 530kg Friesian to £162. 510kg Friesian to £155. 490kg Friesian to £152. Other Friesians sold from £130 to £150 per 100kg.

FAT HEIFERS (underage): 620kg Charolais to £224. 550kg Limousin to £220, 420kg Limousin to £206. 600kg Charolais to £205. 490kg Belgian Blue to £203. 570kg Limousin to £200. 570kg Aberdeen Angus to £199. 610kg Charolais to £197. 610kg Limousin to £197. 560kg Charolais to £196. 560kg Blonde D’Aquitaine to £196. 600kg Limousin to £193. 520kg Shorthorn Beef to £183. 580kg Shorthorn Beef top £182. 650kg Charolais to £180.

STORE BULLOCKS (286): A large entry sold to a brisk demand with forward lots selling to £1,560 for a 740kg Charolais (£210.80) and 690kg Charolais to £1,480 (£214.49) for M/S R and N Lavery, Portadown. Magheraveely producer 710kg Charolais to £1,490, 680kg Limousin to £1,440 and 660kg Charolais to £1,430. N Black, Sandholes 710kg Limousin to £1,480 and 650kg Limousin to £1,425. H Robinson, Portadown 680kg Charolais to £1,465, 670kg Charolais to £1,425 and 660kg Charolais to £1,405. R Mitchell, Cookstown 590kg Blonde D’Aquitaine to £1,450. E Morton Armagh 700kg Charolais to £1,445, 680kg Charolais to £1,440, 650kg Hereford to £1,435, and 680kg Charolais to £1,435. B Frazer, Lisburn 690kg Limousin to £1,410. A Fearon, Dungannon 720kg Limousin to £1,405. Roy Hall, Fivemiletown 660kg Limousin to £1,405 and 600kg Limousin to £1,400 (£233). W J Lyons, Sixmilecross 650kg Charolais to £1,400.

MED WEIGHT STORES 410KG TO 500KG: G Maguire, Fivemiletown 500kg Limousin to £1,090. J McGinn, Clogher 490kg Aberdeen Angus to £1,090 and 500kg Limousin to £1,090. W H Harkness, Crumlin 480kg Belgian Blue to £1,090, 470kg Limousin to £1,065 and 480kg Belgian Blue to £1,010. Ruth Harkness, Crumlin 450kg Limousin to £1,080. W Noble, Clogher 500kg Hereford to £1,080. D White, Portadown 470kg Charolais to £1,055. J McCrystal, Ballygawley 450kg Limousin to £1,055, 450kg Limousin to £1,045, and 440kg Limousin to £1,035. B West, Newtownbutler 480kg Charolais to £1,050. P J Corrigan, Dungannon 480kg Limousin to £1,050. S Brannigan, Dungannon 470kg Limousin to £1,000.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: J McCrystal, Ballygawley 340kg Limousin to £835 and 350kg Limousin to £770. D White, Portadown 310kg Charolais to £760. A Johnston, Newtownbutler 350kg Limousin to £745. L Allen, Augher 330kg Aberdeen Angus to £700 and 340kg Aberdeen Angus to £690. A Harley, Plumbridge 310kg Charolais to £680.

STORE HEIFERS (161): A very strong demand this week with forward lots selling to £1,430 for a 680kg Charolais (£210) £1,420 for a 660kg Belgian Blue (£215) £1,360 for 640kg Charolais and £1,335 for a 600kg Limousin. to P J Kelly, Ballygawley. J J Hobson, Dungannon £1,420 for a 630kg Limousin (£225) £1,350 for 590kg Limousin, £1330 for a 580kg Limousin and £1,290 for a 570kg Limousin. E Greenaway, Dungannon 630kg Limousin to £1,360, 580kg Limousin to £1,285, 590kg Limousin to £1,285 and 600kg Limousin to £1,275. R McCaughey, Clogher 600kg Charolais to £1,360. George Potts, Dungannon 570kg Charolais to £1,305 and 590kg Charolais to £1,260. S McGlinchey, Dungannon 620kg Charolais to £1,300 and 560kg Charolais to £1,260. F McVey, Moneymore 570kg Charolais to £1,275.

MED WEIGHT STORES 410KG TO 500KG: H McClure, Fivemiletown 480kg Charolais to £1,180 (£246) 490kg Simmental to £1,090, 500kg Charolais to £1,070, 440kg Charolais to £1,035 and 450kg Charolais to £965. H Macauley, Ballyclare 500kg Limousin to £1,105 and 480kg Limousin to £1,015. J Connelly, Newtownbutler 480kg Charolais to £1,100 and 480kg Charolais to £990. E Cassidy, Roslea 480kg Charolais to £1,080 and 440kg Charolais to £990. D Williamson, Portadown 500kg Charolais to £1,070 and 490kg Limousin to £995. J Lynch, Dungannon 460kg Limousin to £1,025. J J Morrow, Caledon 430kg Limousin to £990. S Gardiner, Armagh 470kg Charolais to £975. K Beattie, Lisnaskea 420kg Charolais to £950.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: P Tally, Dungannon 370kg Limousin to £745. K Cullinan, Fivemiletown 360kg Shorthorn Beef to £735, 390kg Shorthorn Beef to £725, 350kg Charolais to £700, 310kg Charolais to £675. A Erskine, Killylea 310kg Charolais to £680. G Gibson, Aughnacloy 380kg Hereford to £670, 400kg Hereford to £620, 370kg Hereford to £610.

WEANLING: A very sharp demand in this section with steers and bulls selling to £1,340 for a 560kg Charolais (£239) to P Mc Govern, Fivemiletown. Walter Hogg, Fivemiletown 420kg Charolais to £1,135 (£270). J McElhill, Omagh 390kg Charolais to £1,110 (£284), 510kg Charolais to £1,105 and 440kg Charolais to £990. Joe Donaghy, Clogher 480kg Charolais to £1,100 and 440kg Charolais to £1,060. J Beggan, Roslea 430kg Charolais to £1,090. R J Barnes, Cookstown 400kg Charolais to £1,075. P McBrien, Lisnaskea 470kg Charolais to £1,055. E H Sharkey, Fivemiletown 370kg Limousin to £1,070 and 340kg Limousin to £1,000. M Gormley, Sixmilecross 380kg Simmental to £1,045 and 380kg Limousin to £1,000. M and N O’Conner, Augher 430kg Charolais to £1,035 and 360kg Charolais to £970. B McWilliams, Seskinore 370kg Limousin to £980. P H Kirk, Plumbridge 400kg Charolais to £975 and 410kg Limousin to £970.

WEANLING HEIFERS: E H Sharkey, Fivemiletown 370kg Limousin to £1,010 (£273) and 350kg Charolais to £950 (£271). P McGovern, Fivemiletown 470kg Charolais to £1,000. P H Kirk, Plumbridge 380kg Charolais to £935, 360kg Charolais to £835, 330kg Charolais to £830. G J McKenna, Clogher 420kg Charolais to £930, 440kg Charolais to £920, 430kg Charolais to £850, 400kg Charolais to £835. P Shannon, Crumlin 410kg Simmental to £915. J Beggan, Roslea 370kg Charolais to £885. P Donnelly, Dungannon 360kg Charolais to £815 and 400kg Charolais to £790. M Rafferty, Dungannon 380kg Charolais to £800. F McKenna, Augher 330kg Limousin to £800. P McKernan, Omagh 340kg Charolais to £800.

DAIRY COWS & HEIFERS: A good steady demand in this section with R Givan, Dungannon selling a calved heifer to £1,755. J G McHenry and Droghal Farms, Kilmore £1,690 for calved heifer. G H Graham, Kinawley £1,600 for calved heifer. Barry McStravick, Aghagallon £1,560, £1,500 and £1,450 for calved heifers and £1,510, £1,500 and £1,320 for springing heifers (near note to Shorthorn or Limousin bulls). Jim Mohan, Lisnaskea £1,500 for calved heifer. Sean Mullin, Beragh £1,320 for calved second calver. Lots of other calved cows and heifers sold from £800 to £1,250. Special entry on Saturday, September 2nd of eight freshly calved well bred heifers also 20 lots of AI bred British Friesian bred maiden heifers ready for service.

BREEDING BULLS: M McElroy, Lisnarick £1,500 for pedigree non registered Charolais and £1,380 for pedigree registered Charolais, A McCaffery £1,000 for Aberdeen Angus.

SUCKLER COWS & CALVES: A smaller entry this week with quality lots in short supply however Ciaran McBride, Newtownbutler sold a heifer and bull calf to £1,600. Kingsle Bell, Aughnacloy £1,510 for second calver and bull calf. P Tomney, Keady £1,420 for heifer and heifer calf and £1,120 for heifer and heifer calf. Derek Williamson, Portadown £1,325 for heifer and bull calf. Joe Breen, Craigavon £1,315, £1,265 and £1,150 for heifers with heifer calves. Gortavoy Farms, Pomeroy £1,290 for heifer and bull calf. Others sold from £900 to £1,110. Incalf cows and heifers sold £1,000 twice, £895 and £840.

DROPPED CALVES & REARED CALVES: A large entry sold easily to a brisk demand with bull calves (under two months) selling to £600 for a Limousin to a Clogher producer. Mountview Cattle, Dungannon £555 for Charolais. R Mallon, Armagh £525 for Charolais. J Richardson, Portadown £500, £465,£405 for Charolais and £450 twice for Shorthorns. Bosco Shannon, Bellanaleck £490 for Simmental and £445 for Charolais. Dungannon producer £485 and £440 for Limousin. A Hopper, Pomeroy £395 for Blonde D’Aquitaine. C J McNamee, Cookstown £380 for Blonde D’Aquitaine. William Wilson, Dungannon £380 for Hereford.

HEIFER CALVES: William Wilson, Dungannon £510 for Simmental. Fermanagh producer £485, £480 and £470 for Charolais. Dungannon producer £455 for Limousin £450 and £440 for Charolais. Aughnacloy producer £430, £425 and £420 for Limousins and £400 and £380 for Aberdeen Angus. J Richardson, Portadown £390 for Shorthorn.

REARED BULLS: M Black, Cookstown £775, £745, £645, £635 and £585 for Limousin. E Cassidy, Roslea £775 and £685 for Charolais. J Breen, Craigavon £655 for Limousin. J McDonnell, Cooneen £650 for Charolais. K O Talbot, Coalisland £630 for Limousin. M McWilliams, Seskinore £630 for Limousin Augher producer £625 for Simmental. J F McGuinness, Eglinton £620 for Charolais. Heather Elliott, Derrygonnelly £620 for Charolais. J Bradley, Cookstown £620 for Limousin.

REARED HEIFERS: Fergal McKenna, Augher £765 for Belgian Blue. I Whiteman, Newtownbutler £710 for Shorthorn Beef. E and M Slevin, Omagh £690 for Shorthorn. F and W Browne, Omagh £615 for Limousin. M Black, Cookstown £590 for Limousin. C Quinn, Ballygawley £580 for Charolais. B Mallon, Eglinton £580 for Hereford. L Domer, Sixmilecross £470 for Aberdeen Angus and £440 for Limousin. E Maguire, Derrylin £455 for Aberdeen Angus. R Hagan, Dungannon £450 for Charolais. T Mills, Clogher £420 for Hereford.