More lots required at Lisnaskea

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A steady demand was reported this week again at Lisnaskea with many more quality lots required to supply a growing demand.

Leading prices:

Store heifers: Rosslea Producer 590kg Ch. to £1255, 600kg Ch. to £1210, 560kg Ch. to £1190, 540kg Ch. to £1055, and 530kg Ch. to £1005. Magheraveely Producer 480kg Lim. to £900.

Cows & calves: Derrylin Producer 2012 Cow & Bull Calf to £1100.

Weanling steers & bulls: Rosslea Producer 410kg Limm. to £900, 370kg Lim. to £800, 270kgLimm. to £670, 260kgLim. to £650, 360kg Limm. to £625, and 220kgLim. to £580. Derrylin Producer 370kg L imm. to £880, 380kg Lim. to £840, 390kg Limm. to £775, 390kg Ch. to £750. and 320kg Limm. to £570. Lisbellaw Producer 370kg Sim. to £765. Newtownbutler Producer 400kg Lim. to £760. 400kg Limm. to £725, 360kg Lim. to £700, and 300kg Lim. to £550. Lisnaskea Producer 330kg Her. to £750. Newtownbutler Producer 330kg Ch. to £700. Springfield Producer 320kg Lim. to £690.

Weanling heifers: Newtownbutler Producer 440kg Ch. to £855 and 370kg Ch. to £765. Newtownbutler Producer 360kg Ch. to £800, 340kg Lim. to £650, 350kgLim. to £625, 290kg Lim. to £565, and 330kg Lim. to £545. Magheraveely Producer 340kg Ch. to £705. Lisbellaw Producer 360kgSim. to £690 and 340kgHer. to £600. Springfield Producer 270kg Ch. to £570 and 300kg Ch. to £550. (Lots more stock required).